River of Change

You make me feel like I’ve touched the sun and I never knew I wanted to so badly before.

Leanne Davis
River of Change


Publisher’s Synopsis:
Caleb Hayes avoids two things in life: change and work. Of late, neither is going well. First the valley he was born and raised in, and continues to inhabit, burnt from one end to the other, forcing him to live with his sister and then work cleaning up the fire. And now his best friend who is also his brother is getting married… to another man. Left shocked by his brother’s secret Caleb is not doing the best job of being supportive.

Josephina Ruiz watches her beloved little brother marry his long–time boyfriend forcing her to tolerate in their union, Caleb Hayes, as now being a part of her life. After an off–putting come on she realizes the extent of the rumors she’s heard about Caleb are most likely true. From womanizing, to petty crimes to all around laziness, he’s the last man she ever intends to give a chance to… until by accident he becomes the one she has to rely on.

When forced by circumstances to face his own shortcomings, Caleb starts to see himself from a new light. A not so positive light. He begins to understand not only his brother, but the woman who begins to show him an entirely different way of living than he’s ever embraced. In Josephina, Caleb is challenged from every belief he has to every action he does. And he finally begins to see the damage his life does to others, but by then, has the harm he’s caused others, be too late to change? Can his ultimate redemption bring about healing with the one person he now knows is the best kind of change of all?

Point of view:
3rd person.

Rellim’s thoughts:
I really wish there had at least been a novella for Jordan & Pedro…I think that would have helped bridge the other books and this one.

This book runs somewhat concurrently with book 6, River’s Lost. While technically Caleb has been around since book 2 – he was was an underdeveloped background character and it was harder to care about him or Josephina. I also found a lot of the conversations to be awkward and unrealistic/unsupported by the characters that were described as having them. There was quite a bit of repetition as well. In the dialogue, inner monologue, & conversations between various characters.

It was OK, but not one I’d read again.

About the author:
She lives in the rainy area of Western Washington, and spends as much time as she can getting away from the rain by traveling to destinations all across the state where she and her family do tons of camping. Many of these locations become the settings for her books. She earned her business degree from Western Washington University, and worked for several years in the construction management field before turning to writing.

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I know how you struggle with this, but you’ve got to learn to embrace change or you’re going to be the real loser. You’ll end up losing the people you love and never meeting new ones. – River of Change by @leannewrites #Romance #Drama #Ranch #OppositesAttract

You make me feel like I’ve touched the sun and I never knew I wanted to so badly before. – River of Change by @leannewrites #Romance #Drama #Ranch #OppositesAttract

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