One More Kiss

What a difference an unlocked door makes.

Tara September
One More Kiss


Publisher’s Synopsis:
Step one: Kiss Cal again. Just one more kiss.

Step two: Kiss someone else to compare.

Step three: Permanently close the door on Cal Chase.

Once again, I bang on the connecting door to my dorm room, trying to be heard over the blaring music coming from the other side. My bestie should be living in that room, but no, she transferred to be with her boyfriend, and now I’m stuck sharing a wall with stupidly hot track star Cal Chase. My friends say I’m lucky, but his mere presence annoys me, along with his late-night music and the constant gaggle of giggly girls who visit. I’m the only one who can see right through that patented “Cal Charm”. He’s just another player, and I’m not game.

So, why the hell did I let him give me an out-of-this-world kiss under the stars the other night? It had to be the magic of the meteor shower. I can’t actually like him, right? I simply need to prove Cal’s stellar kiss was a fluke, and I know how to do it and in just three steps. 

Should be easy, right?

Yeah, famous last words.

Point of view:
1st Person. Entirely from April’s POV.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
Note: This is part of the “Love at First Kiss” college romance novellas series. Each is penned by a different author and characters appear across books. That said, I haven’t read/listened to any of the others and didn’t feel that it detracted from my enjoyment.

Even though I’m not currently reading a lot of NA/college books – I was looking forward to listening to this one because I’ve enjoyed Tara September’s other books.

Enemies to Lovers is a trope that doesn’t always work for me because not all authors redeem/reconcile what has the MCs at odds to begin with. September didn’t have any problem pulling that off here. April Harris has an adjoining door between dorm rooms with Cal Chase. This means she gets a lot more information on him than she’d like, but not all is as she perceives.

There’s also a bit of grumpy/sunshine and forced proximity tropes which I enjoy. Cute, funny, and a little bit sexy. I enjoyed the banter between Cal & a hesitant April. I liked that they got to know each other through lots of conversations. At just over two hours, it was an adorable and enjoyable listen.

Hollie Jackson was wonderful. She has a great voice for the college age of all the characters. I also really liked her male voices too. Her transition between characters voices/accents/emotions was flawless.

While the entire series is available on KU – many thanks to Tara September for giving me a copy of the audiobook – shhhh… nobody tell her I would have bought it anyway because I always enjoy her stories. 😉

About the author:
Blogger and former PR executive for The Walt Disney Company, Tara holds a Master’s degree in journalism & communications from NYU. For over a decade, Tara has penned a popular lifestyle, travel and parenting blog at

An avid romance reader, she has been daydreaming about being an author since high school. Dozens of bad dates and adventures later, she still finds it impossible that she met her husband on a New York City subway. They now live in sunny Southwest Florida with identical twin boys and four cats underfoot/on her laptop/everywhere. Fueled by an IV of green tea, she’s finally writing the happily ever after tales she’s been dreaming about.

You can connect with Tara September here:

About the narrator:
Harnessing a childhood steeped in storytelling and a deep love of the written word, with over 600 titles (and growing) under my belt, I always strive to bring a wide range of characters to vibrant, compelling life, allowing for total immersion in the story. I want you to feel the real world melt away as you engage with my work.

You can connect with Hollie Jackson here:

My Favorite Quotes

He may have been trying to ward off the chill, but the feel of his body cuddled up to mine has only made my shivering worse. – One More Kiss by @TaraSeptember #Audiobook narrated by @NarratrixNotes #NewAdult #EnemiesToLovers #GrumpySunshine #ForcedProximity #KindleUnlimited

Cal kisses me like I am everything he’s been missing, like he can’t get enough. – One More Kiss by @TaraSeptember #Audiobook narrated by @NarratrixNotes #NewAdult #EnemiesToLovers #GrumpySunshine #ForcedProximity #KindleUnlimited

What a difference an unlocked door makes. – One More Kiss by @TaraSeptember #Audiobook narrated by @NarratrixNotes #NewAdult #EnemiesToLovers #GrumpySunshine #ForcedProximity #KindleUnlimited

I can’t decide if I want to weep, squeal, or sigh from his beautiful admission. – One More Kiss by @TaraSeptember #Audiobook narrated by @NarratrixNotes #NewAdult #GrumpySunshine #ForcedProximity #EnemiesToLovers #KindleUnlimited

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