The Deputy and His Enforcer

Robson had handled a lot of weapons in his day, but a hot glue gun might be the death of him.

Kiki Clark
The Deputy and His Enforcer


Publisher’s Synopsis:
A deputy bent on finding the truth and the Enforcer whose job it is to stop him….

Nothing is more important to Marcus Rivera than protecting his pack, so he doesn’t understand why he has the sudden urge to tell a nosy human deputy things he shouldn’t. Marcus follows the rules. Always. But something about Robson’s scent has him tempted to break them.

The gorgeous red-head Deputy Robson Medina has been following has a secret. He just knows it, and he won’t stop looking until he finds out everything he can about the alluring man. Even if the idea of Marcus being a criminal seems less and less likely the more Robson learns.

As the tension between them continues to grow, it stokes a fire inside Marcus he’s never felt before. One that’s driving him to trust his wolf’s instincts and release the stranglehold Marcus has always had on his control. But when Robson gets a painful glimpse of the magical world Marcus lives in, they have to decide how much they’re willing to risk to have it all.

Point of view:
3rd person. Alternating between Robson & Marcus.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
Not my favorite of the series but still an enjoyable listen. I liked Marcus & Robson, but the pacing of their relationship sort of lulled at times. Then the series arc of the mystery/suspense wasn’t as strong or frequent. So this one was much less angst & compelling in that aspect.

I did enjoy the fact that Robson was a human and that the dynamic between the two was unique. They had a lot of similarities, but personality and approach to situations were different. I continue to appreciate that while Clark uses a “fated mate” concept – there’s no question that these couples get to know and love each other. Marcus & Robson also get their own unique mating. 🔥🔥🔥

I’m really looking forward to The Hunter & His Mates. Yes, its MMM – but mostly I’m really invested in each of the characters individually and am looking forward to their HEA. The biggest question is whether I can wait for audio…

Because Kirt Graves continues to do an amazing job. This series is totally bingeable. All the characters get unique voices and they stay consistent throughout the series. I don’t know how he does it because this is a huge group – various genders, accents, personalities, emotions and its as if it were all recorded at one time or with multiple actors. I’m loving his work and am looking forward to more of this series. 

About the author:
A small town Michigan girl, Kiki has enjoyed reading since she first picked up Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone as a child. After that, she devoured everything she could get her hands on and dreamed of one time writing her own books that touched people’s hearts. In her early twenties, she discovered LGBTQ romances and had a realization: these were her people and this was where she belonged.  Nearly ten years later, she’s proud to finally join the ranks of authors releasing character-driven, emotionally satisfying books showcasing that everyone deserves to find love. 

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About the narrator:
Kirt Graves spent 15 years teaching young people how to interpret drama, poetry, and literature. He has voiced over 80 audiobooks spanning contemporary romance, sci-fi, urban fantasy, young adult, and non-fiction. His passion is for telling queer stories, the types of stories he wishes he had while growing up. A tenor by training, Kirt easily moves between characters of any age, genre, and gender. In addition to his work as an audiobook narrator, Kirt is a graphic artist, a podcast host, and an award-winning speech coach.

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Robson had handled a lot of weapons in his day, but a hot glue gun might be the death of him. – The Deputy and His Enforcer by @kikiclark_ #Audiobook narrated by @KirtGraves #MM #Romance #Shifter #KincaidPack

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