The Hunter and His Mates

I’ve wanted this for longer than I’ve even let myself think about it.

Kiki Clark
The Hunter and His Mates


Publisher’s Synopsis:
As personal assistant to a powerful alpha of a large pack, there are certain rules Jamie has for himself to make sure he’s successful at his job.

First, nothing and no one gets to the alpha without his say so.

Second, schedules will be enforced for everyone. At all costs.

Third, a certain Enforcer with an enticing scent and scarred face is not to be stared at, drooled over, and/or daydreamed about.

And fourth, human hunters are never, ever mate material—no matter what their smiles or Southern drawls do to him.

But what if his own rules are preventing Jamie from finding something unique and magical and hotter than he could ever imagine? Because being caught between a grumpy cougar and a dangerous hunter was the last place Jamie thought he should be… but it might just be exactly where he needs to be to find both of his fated mates.

Point of view:
3rd person. Alternating between Jamie, Drake, & Gabriel.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
First. That cover. 🔥🔥🔥 and the perfect representation of the book’s characters.

While each book in the series covers a different couple – in this case a throuple/triad/poly – there are ongoing mystery/suspense story arcs that are developed as the series goes on. So, start at the beginning and read/listen in order.

I was gonna wait for Kirt Graves…I swear. But I just couldn’t. I’ve been waiting for these guys and I’m so sucked into the Pack/Council political intrigue that as soon as I finished The Deputy and His Enforcer – I had to HAD TO jump right into this.

Clark didn’t disappoint. This had to be my favorite so far. I read it in two days (if I hadn’t started it so late last night, it would have been one). This runs somewhat concurrently to Marcus & Robson’s book – but didn’t feel like a copy/paste. While there were a few scenes that were in both, because they were from completely different POVs instead of feeling repetitive it gave the story depth.

I really enjoyed getting to know Jamie, Drake, & Gabriel better. It wasn’t easy or Insta-love for them though they definitely felt a pull and poor Drake wasn’t easy to win over. I thought Clark did a good job honoring Drake’s PTSD & disability as an amputee. I also liked that there was an equal pull & respect for each other (or at least they got there.). My favorite poly are the ones where all are included and not equal exactly – but I definitely like to feel that no one is needless extra. Each guy had his own personality and they all had unique & strong relationships with each other.

I’m also a huge fan of the romantic suspense and mystery aspect of these books and this was one of the strongest in that aspect. I adore the Kincaid Pack/worldbuilding as well. It really works for me. The return from recovering Gregson’s secret message was a surprise and just leads to more mysteries.

While I’m excited for Nico & Keegan’s book (Nico has been a fun background character and I can’t wait to see what Clark has in store for him), I admit to be crushing on the hints at Doc and Damien. 🤞🏼

And yes, I absolutely will buy this on audio when it comes out. 🎧📚🎧

About the author:
A small town Michigan girl, Kiki has enjoyed reading since she first picked up Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone as a child. After that, she devoured everything she could get her hands on and dreamed of one time writing her own books that touched people’s hearts. In her early twenties, she discovered LGBTQ romances and had a realization: these were her people and this was where she belonged.  Nearly ten years later, she’s proud to finally join the ranks of authors releasing character-driven, emotionally satisfying books showcasing that everyone deserves to find love. 

You can connect with Kiki Clark here:

My Favorite Quotes

the long hair, thick beard, and rugged clothes were such an essential part of Gabriel, Jamie couldn’t imagine him without them. – The Hunter and His Mates by @kikiclark_ #MMM #Romance #Shifter #KincaidPack

Drake’s glowing eyes were locked on Gabriel, huge fangs and sharp claws on full display. Gabriel knew he should be terrified, but, fuck, the man was beautiful in his fury. – The Hunter and His Mates by @kikiclark_ #MMM #Romance #Shifter #KincaidPack

he didn’t want to steal anything from Jamie—he wanted his little bird to give him everything he had and then beg for Gabriel to take more. – The Hunter and His Mates by @kikiclark_ #MMM #Romance #Shifter #KincaidPack

I think I could get used to sharing you with him, but I can’t make promises about what I’d do if he stole you from me after I had you all to myself. – The Hunter and His Mates by @kikiclark_ #MMM #Romance #Shifter #KincaidPack

I’ve wanted this for longer than I’ve even let myself think about it. – The Hunter and His Mates by @kikiclark_ #MMM #Romance #Shifter #KincaidPack

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