His Holiday Pact

I should’ve brought home a fake boyfriend years ago.

Ayla Asher
His Holiday Pact

I listened to this as part of a box set that’s exclusive to Chirp. At the time of this review it’s still on sale for $3.99.

ebook available in KU. Audio single available here.

Publisher’s Synopsis:
Kayla Summers has had enough of her mother’s insistence that she find a man and get married.  At thirty-three, she’s a successful attorney and has a fantastic life. Knowing her mother will grill her constantly over the upcoming holidays about her single existence, she dreads the visits home.

Carter Manheim is a self-proclaimed bachelor, dead set on seducing every beautiful woman in Manhattan. And why not? His parents’ disastrous marriage and divorce proved that lifelong commitments just aren’t viable. As his mother’s health worsens, his only wish is to give her one last happy holiday, even if it entails bringing home a girlfriend.

When Kayla’s sexy neighbor proposes they take each other home for the holidays as fake partners, she’s floored. However, getting her mother off her back is her number one priority and she agrees to the arrangement. Now, if she can only keep her heart from becoming emotionally entangled with the player of the century, she’ll be just fine…

Point of view:
3rd person. Alternating perspectives between Kayla & Carter

Rellim’s Thoughts:
This was my first experience with Ayla Asher. This is best enjoyed when you’re in a mood for a shorter book with lots of sex. Neighbors, and somewhat frenemies, Carter & Kayla decide to embark on a fake relationship. Carter’s mom is dying of cancer and Kayla’s mom is a judgmental harpy – this is a way to make the moms happy that their children have found love. Set over Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays this was a fun addition to my holiday-themed listening.

As with fake relationship tropes – things become more serious. While this had more sex than I usually prefer (whoah was it hot though), I appreciated that Asher gave plenty of “get to know you” for the MCs. This ends on an HFN, but as the other two books are centered on Kayla’s friends – I’m hoping there will be more about Carter & Kayla throughout the series.

I enjoyed the duet narration by Kai Kennicott & Wen Ross. They brought together a seamless production that works really well with Asher’s writing. Both have wonderful voices and it was an easy listen.

About the author:
You can connect with Ayla Asher here:

About the narrator:
Kai and Wen produce duet & dual narrations in the romance genre of audiobooks.

You can connect with Kai Kennicot & Wen Ross here:

My Favorite Quotes

This is going to be fun.  I’ve never hung out with a girl without the possibility of sex.  If I’m not careful, this fake relationship is going to seem real. – His Holiday Pact by #AylaAsher #Audiobook #DuetNarration by @KennicottRoss #FakeRelationship #Holiday #Thanksgiving #Christmas #OppositesAttract

I should’ve brought home a fake boyfriend years ago. – His Holiday Pact by #AylaAsher #Audiobook #DuetNarration by @KennicottRoss #FakeRelationship #Holiday #Thanksgiving #Christmas #OppositesAttract

Mine, his brain screamed.  He wanted to own every inch of her gorgeous body. – His Holiday Pact by #AylaAsher #Audiobook #DuetNarration by @KennicottRoss #FakeRelationship #Holiday #Thanksgiving #Christmas #OppositesAttract

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