Bearly Even Friends

When it came down to the raw hunger only a mate could satiate, no one even came close.

Nicole Garcia
Bearly Even Friends


Publisher’s Synopsis:
According to Garrison, Christmas is the worst. Being secluded from all human contact in his mountaintop cabin is as good as it gets. All is perfect until Minnie moves in next door. She’s outgoing, generous, and the noisiest person on the face of the earth. She’s everything Garrison hates, but once he gets a taste of her, he wants more… and will stop at nothing until she’s his forever. 

Point of view:
1st person. Alternating perspectives by chapter.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
This was another enjoyable addition to my holiday listening. A completely stand alone shifter romance, this was my first experience with Nicole Garcia. I enjoyed her sense of humor weaved throughout this. While Garrison & Minnie start out antagonistic, many of their interactions left me laughing.

Lots of great tropes to love here: fated mates, enemies-to-lovers, grumpy/sunshine, and opposites attract. Many unique takes on these themes made this a real treat. (I don’t want to spoil them.) I look forward to more writing by Garcia.

Kai Kennicott & Wen Ross were truly delightful in this and really brought Garcia’s writing to life. Flawless duet narration that completely immerses me in the story. Garrison’s grump and Minnie’s cheer (and snark) really came to life.

About the author:
You can connect with Nicole Garcia here:

About the narrator:
Kai and Wen produce duet & dual narrations in the romance genre of audiobooks.

You can connect with Kai Kennicot & Wen Ross here:

My Favorite Quotes

Yaak, Montana. Population, me. – Bearly Even Friends by @AuthorNGarcia #Audiobook #DuetNarration by @KennicottRoss #GrumpySunshine #Holiday #Christmas #OppositesAttract

Ugh, is this what having emotions is like? If it is, I don’t want any part of it. – Bearly Even Friends by @AuthorNGarcia #Audiobook #DuetNarration by @KennicottRoss #GrumpySunshine #Holiday #Christmas #OppositesAttract

I don’t know if I’m willing to keep trying to convince that ogre of a mountain man that I’m not as bad as he thinks I am. – Bearly Even Friends by @AuthorNGarcia #Audiobook #DuetNarration by @KennicottRoss #GrumpySunshine #Holiday #Christmas #OppositesAttract

When it came down to the raw hunger only a mate could satiate, no one even came close. – Bearly Even Friends by @AuthorNGarcia #Audiobook #DuetNarration by @KennicottRoss #GrumpySunshine #Holiday #Christmas #OppositesAttract

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