Saint Nick

He knew that with Santa’s tools, he could do more good in a week than he could do in a lifetime as a Ranger.

Bradley Wright
Saint Nick


Publisher’s Synopsis:
Army Ranger Nick Campos was never meant to be Santa Claus. He knows nothing about kids, he certainly isn’t jolly, and he hasn’t eaten a cookie in over a decade. But as Santa is dying of a heart attack, whether Nick wants them or not, Santa bestows his abilities upon him, and changes Nick’s life forever.

A year later, Nick has found a way to use the abilities Santa passed along in a way that only a hardass Army Ranger could. To fight the bad guys. And he plans to bring new meaning to the classic line “he knows if you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake.”

However, there is one terrorist in particular that pops up on the radar that Nick is all too familiar with. Because he’s the monster that killed Nick’s closest friend a few years back. Can Nick use his newfound tools to stop an old enemy’s plot to kill more innocent people? Or will Nick–the world’s best new weapon in the fight against terror–fail to deliver against an evil that is much more prepared for him than Nick could have ever imagined?

Point of view:
3rd person. Mostly from Nick’s POV, but there are a few sections from the antagonist.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
This was such a fun book. Bradley Wright brings us The Santa Claus with a soldier. As the last man Santa sees before dying, Nick Campos must take his place. However he brings his own personality, goals, and little camo to the North Pole.

Deciding to use the Naughty & Nice list for more than oranges and coal – Nick is busy more than just one day a year preventing crime and saving lives. This Christmas brings him face to face with the terrorist responsible for killing many of his friends.

Wright writes a compelling thriller starring a snarky and irreverent soldier. The pacing was great, laughs, lots of action/suspense, and some holiday magic make for a great read.

About the author:
Bradley Wright is the bestselling author of the Alexander King, Lawson Raines, and Saint Nick thrillers.

He and his family live in Lexington, Kentucky. He has always been a movie lover, and this certainly shines through in the way he writes his novels. You won’t get lost in over-description, time will never be wasted on characters that have nothing to do with the story, and every single chapter has meaning.

Bradley has only ever had one goal with his work, and that is to entertain. And he hopes your escape into his pages have at the very least done that.

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My Favorite Quotes

All he could do as he floated high above the ground was just sit back and enjoy the ride. With his gun solidly fixed to his hand, of course. – Saint Nick by @BreezyWright #Holiday #Christmas #Thriller #KindleUnlimited

Nick had always appreciated the beauty of sunrise and sunset. He also enjoyed the beauty of a Patriot missile slamming into the side of an enemy aircraft. He considered himself a complicated man. – Saint Nick by @BreezyWright #Holiday #Christmas #Thriller #KindleUnlimited

He knew that with Santa’s tools, he could do more good in a week than he could do in a lifetime as a Ranger. – Saint Nick by @BreezyWright #Holiday #Christmas #Thriller #KindleUnlimited

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