Santa, Baby!

If I asked Santa for one more thing, you think you could grant my wish?

Té Russ 
Santa, Baby!


Publisher’s Synopsis:
Holly’s perspective on the holidays has become jaded…so much so that her sister refers to her as Miss Scrooge behind her back. Logan is determined to change her outlook on the holidays and remind her what the season is truly about.

Point of view:
1st person. Alternating between Holly & Logan’s perspectives.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
Sweet & sexy holiday read. Russ packed a lot into this adorable short story. Logan & Holly get a meet cute, fun first date, and the blooming of a lovely and steamy relationship.

About the author:
Té Russ is a contemporary romance author who focuses on stories centered around black love. With nearly 40 projects under her belt, she continues to bring soulful tales to life. In addition to writing, Té is also a certified aerial yoga instructor and teaches at a local studio. She enjoys spending her free time with her family, baking or reading.

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My Favorite Quotes

Is Santa checkin’ me out?! – Santa, Baby! by @TeRussNovels #Christmas #Holiday #ShortStory #GrumpySunshine

Seeing Logan again gave me a…warm feeling even though we were standing outside in the freezing cold. – Santa, Baby! by @TeRussNovels #Christmas #Holiday #ShortStory #GrumpySunshine

If I asked Santa for one more thing, you think you could grant my wish? – Santa, Baby! by @TeRussNovels #Christmas #Holiday #ShortStory #GrumpySunshine

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