Code Name: Timberwolf

There’s before this kiss, and after. Nothing else. My life has changed.

Laura Mowery
Code Name: Timberwolf


Publisher’s Synopsis:
Warrior. Leader. Billionaire. I’ll risk everything to keep her safe. Including my heart.


One hand is all I need to count the people I trust. My cheating ex-husband and the mother who abandoned me taught me that betrayal is the only thing I can count on. But when my life is threatened, one look from my sexy rescuer stirs a deep, primal connection that makes me question everything.


After the tragic death of my parents and the inheritance of their billion-dollar tech company, my world changed. I earned the name Timberwolf in the Marine Corps, but I was a lone wolf—I only had room in my life for my sister and my brothers-in-arms. I swore I’d never get close to anyone again, but I never expected to find my soulmate being mugged in an alleyway.

Just as fate brings us together, decades-old secrets and a mysterious enemy threaten to take us down. Relying on my instincts as the Timberwolf may be the only thing that can get us out alive, but it might be the one thing that can break us apart.

Code Name: Timberwolf is the first part of a duet.

Point of view:
1st person. Mostly from Luke & Liv’s POV’s, but there are some chapters from Specter.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
Finally got around to reading this book recommended by Sally/hertslionessbooks on Instagram. My TBR/TBL is so huge, I can’t keep up!

This was a cool start to a romantic suspense/sci-Fi series. I clicked with Mowery’s writing style and I really liked Luke & Liv – both individually and as a couple. I appreciated that while they’d both been burned in the past and had slight hesitancy about embarking on a relationship, once it started they were all in. The majority of the angst comes from external sources and threats. Liv isn’t TSTL, which is great. Luke is a billionaire alpha male without being a jerk. Mowery has created some really awesome (and hilarious) people as Luke’s Marine buddies. The banter is enjoyable.

I feel like this review is somewhat vague – but I don’t want to risk spoiling anything. The way it all unfolds is part of what makes it such an engaging story. The pacing was well done and I enjoyed reading this in one day.

While certain issues are resolved – there are a lot of questions left unanswered and this is a cliffhanger that continues in book 2, Code Name: Sparrow.

Content Warning:
Assault & sexual assault of a main character.

About the author:
Laura Mowery has had her nose in a book since she learned her ABC’s, so it’s no surprise that she pursued a career as an author. She grew up obsessed with stories, especially any that included supernatural or otherworldly elements. She also loved to get swept away on romantic adventures. Now she gets to combine the two and write about what she loves; suspense, superpowers, and steamy romance.

Laura lives in San Diego, CA with her husband, two cats and a dog. If she’s not writing, you’ll find her adventuring with her husband, eating tacos, drinking local craft beer, or curled up with a book.

You can connect with Laura Mowery here:

My Favorite Quotes

Bad guys are easy. Their motives are clear. But the idea of a jarhead raising a 15-year-old girl was ludicrous. – Code Name: Timberwolf by Laura Mowery #RomanticSuspense #SciFi #Mystery #Action #Cliffhanger

Pain like that is sticky. It dulls, but never goes away. It leaves a little tattoo on your heart that you carry around with you. – Code Name: Timberwolf by Laura Mowery #RomanticSuspense #SciFi #Mystery #Action #Cliffhanger

There’s before this kiss, and after. Nothing else. My life has changed. – Code Name: Timberwolf by Laura Mowery #RomanticSuspense #SciFi #Mystery #Action #Cliffhanger

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