Code Name: Sparrow

You’re thinking about it all wrong. You keep people safe by keeping them close.

Laura Mowery
Code Name: Sparrow


Publisher’s Synopsis:
I’ve escaped death. Will I survive his love?

As a Marine, self-sacrifice is a way of life. I had no choice but to walk away, even though it destroyed me. When a message from the past makes me second guess everything, it may already be too late.

How can I prove to Liv that while I made her bend, I would never let her break?

I’ve started over so many times before. But this time it’s harder—almost impossible. Luke still holds my heart in his hands and refuses to let it go. But he abandoned me, and that’s a betrayal he knows I can’t forgive.

A mysterious threat surfaces, holding deadly secrets that could shatter our world. Luke’s love ruined me, but when faced with the impossible, forgiveness might be the key to our survival. Do I have the strength to risk my heart again?

One thing is for certain: they may call me Sparrow, but I’m no fragile bird.

Point of view:
1st person. Mostly from Luke & Liv’s POV’s, but there are some chapters from Specter.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
Note: This is the second half of a duet. It does not stand alone. You have to read Code Name: Timberwolf first.

I don’t really know how to rate this. My personal preference is that I don’t enjoy “I’m breaking up with you to protect you” OR it taking forever for people to get back together OR love triangles – and that was more than 60% of this book. Yet, I love Mowery’s writing style, I understood the reasons it played out the way it did, Luke & Liv’s journey was needed, and I ultimately liked the ending. I enjoy all her characters immensely. I wish the mystery/suspense aspect was more frequent in the book but, again, the reasons for it worked.

I guess I’m sort of annoyed that Mowery made me like tropes I don’t like. 🤔 Overall, I still felt kind of underwhelmed at the end.

I’m definitely sucked into the Infinitum series and am looking forward to John’s book next – Code Name: Grizzly.

About the author:
Laura Mowery has had her nose in a book since she learned her ABC’s, so it’s no surprise that she pursued a career as an author. She grew up obsessed with stories, especially any that included supernatural or otherworldly elements. She also loved to get swept away on romantic adventures. Now she gets to combine the two and write about what she loves; suspense, superpowers, and steamy romance.

Laura lives in San Diego, CA with her husband, two cats and a dog. If she’s not writing, you’ll find her adventuring with her husband, eating tacos, drinking local craft beer, or curled up with a book.

You can connect with Laura Mowery here:

My Favorite Quotes

I love you, but Liv is going to get me in this divorce. – Code Name: Sparrow by Laura Mowery #RomanticSuspense #SciFi #Mystery #Action

We need to talk—the four words that nobody ever likes to hear from their significant other. – Code Name: Sparrow by Laura Mowery #RomanticSuspense #SciFi #Mystery #Action

You’re thinking about it all wrong. You keep people safe by keeping them close. – Code Name: Sparrow by Laura Mowery #RomanticSuspense #SciFi #Mystery #Action

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