Leslie’s Curl & Dye

I had tried to deny how I felt about him for so long, but he was unwilling to accept my rejection and kept pushing his way into my life.

DL White
Leslie’s Curl & Dye


Publisher’s Synopsis:
Leslie Baker, owner of Potter Lake’s hometown beauty shop, has a muscular, handsome, 6’4″ problem.
Her college sweetheart, former basketball superstar Kade “KC” Cavanaugh, is back in Potter Lake after his NBA retirement and the slick and shiny co-ed salon he’s recently opened directly competes with the Curl & Dye.
Before they can pick up where they left off fifteen years ago, Leslie and KC find themselves at the center of a power struggle between a corrupt Mayor and a town that wants to grow.
With their livelihoods and the future of the close-knit, lakeside community at stake, they have no choice but to join forces to save the town of Potter Lake… and fan the flames of a love that’s been smoldering for more than a decade.

Point of view:
1st person. Alternating between KC & Leslie’s perspectives.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
My final book of 2021 and it was wonderful. This is my first experience with DL White, but won’t be my last. I loved this audio – second chance romance, small town, and absolutely hilarious. It takes a little bit for Leslie to get over her past hurts from her college more-than-just-friends, KC. But once they team up against a corrupt mayor and sparks fly it is hot. I love that relationship-wise, these two were pretty low angst. Most of the drama comes from responding to changes to their small town and doing what’s right for the folks of Potter Lake. The banter between all the friends is exactly what you’d expect from people who’ve known each other their whole lives.

It’s a fantastic HEA – and a super cute and sexy epilogue. (I love epilogues!)

As soon as I finished, I bought the rest of the series. Up next, Second Time Around.

I loved Sharell Palmer’s narration. She did a great job of giving all the characters their own unique voice and personalities. She’s a great fit for White’s writing and I’m looking forward to hearing more from both of them.

About the author:
DL White began pursuing a writing career in 2011 after enjoying a lifetime of reading and hobby writing. In 2015, she published Brunch at Ruby’s, an upmarket fiction novel about three lifelong best friends and the soul food cafe at the center of their friends. Since then, she has published ten Black romance and women’s fiction titles in ebook, print and audio formats with more to come.

DL has a legendary love for coffee, fried chicken, and brunch, especially on a patio. Her true obsession is water: lakes, rivers, oceans, waterfalls! 
When not writing books, she devours them. She publishes reviews and thoughts on writing and books on the blog and publishes short fiction on her podcast.

DL lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

You can connect with DL White here:

About the narrator:
You can connect with Sharell Palmer here:

My Favorite Quotes

Note: I listened to this, so any spelling/grammar/punctuation errors are my own and not the author’s.

The clatter of voices and commotion in the shop was one of my favorite sounds. – Leslie’s Curl & Dye by @Author_DLWhite #Audiobook narrated by @rogueminkhouse #Romance #SmallTown #SecondChance #PotterLake

I needed this man, and his eyes, and his laughter, and his chest, and his cologne to get the hell off of my side of Potter Lake. – Leslie’s Curl & Dye by @Author_DLWhite #Audiobook narrated by @rogueminkhouse #Romance #SmallTown #SecondChance #PotterLake

I can’t stand for you to be hurt again. – Leslie’s Curl & Dye by @Author_DLWhite #Audiobook narrated by @rogueminkhouse #Romance #SmallTown #SecondChance #PotterLake

Not all my crazy is on display. There’s plenty in stock in the back. – Leslie’s Curl & Dye by @Author_DLWhite #Audiobook narrated by @rogueminkhouse #Romance #SmallTown #SecondChance #PotterLake

I had tried to deny how I felt about him for so long, but he was unwilling to accept my rejection and kept pushing his way into my life. – Leslie’s Curl & Dye by @Author_DLWhite #Audiobook narrated by @rogueminkhouse #Romance #SmallTown #SecondChance #PotterLake

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