My Story of Us: Zach

Our story would not be complete without me describing the impact you had on me the first time I saw you.

Chris Brinkley
My Story of Us


Publisher’s Synopsis:
Love doesn’t have to be complicated, but sometimes life can get in the way. In his own words, speaking directly to the woman he’s falling for, Zach recounts a story of love and loss, uncertain whether this tale is one that ends in forever, or is ultimately about the woman who got away. 

Point of view:
1st person. Written as diary entries by Zach.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
I love Chris Brinkley’s narrations and was really looking forward to this. Unfortunately, My Story of Us didn’t work for me. I know it was short, but I still didn’t feel like I knew Zach that well. Or the woman he was dating – who was never named. I think that contributed to this vagueness as to who she was.

There was quite a bit of repetition for such a short story. The bones/outline of the story was sweet … but the journaling format felt disjointed at times.

I enjoyed Brinkley’s performance. I didn’t like all the sound effects: music during the beginning and end of each entry or noises like cell phones, car sounds, etc. It was distracting from his speaking.

About the author/narrator:
Chris is an experienced narrator, voice actor, writer, producer, NCAA Division I broadcaster, radio personality, and emcee.  Brinkley penned the recently released My Story of Us book and audio series.  He is also known as the voice of Penny Reid’s Winston Brothers Series, narrating and voicing all six brothers in the popular audiobook collection. Brinkley narrates Reid’s Handcrafted Mystery Series and the Smartypants Romance Green Valley Chronicles.  Chris portrays Eliot in the critically acclaimed Audible Original Sweet Talk.  He is currently one of the top narrators on Kevin Costner’s HearHere travel app and is heard weekly on the Curio audio journalism app.  As the voice of several documentaries seen on the History Channel (D-Day in HD) and PBS, he brings a trustworthiness and credibility to his delivery that captures the essence of the filmmaker’s vision. He co-produced, wrote, and hosted two nationally syndicated radio shows heard on stations throughout the US.  With a varied communications background and extensive vocal repertoire, Chris possesses unparalleled experience and unique, vocal versatility.

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