The Wedding Bait

She had thought she was hiring an employee. It felt more like she had unleashed a force of nature.

Adele Buck
The Wedding Bait


Publisher’s Synopsis:
You are cordially invited to…a hot mess.

“Ice Queen” Tove Nilsen has it all: a successful career as a political consultant, beauty, a wonderful daughter who’s about to be married…and a gaslighting, selfish disaster of an ex-husband who’s just RSVP’d “yes” to the wedding. On top of that, he’s bringing wife number six with him—a woman who’s a mere five years older than their daughter.

Oh, and she’s a literal supermodel.

Tove’s always handled everything on her own, but now she’s out of her depth until she decides to hire a man to pose as her date for the weekend-long event.

Enter Patrick Mercer, retired escort. His easy confidence soothes Tove’s ragged nerves and enables her to face her ex with her head high. Even better, he infuriates the other man, who can’t make Tove the target for his usual taunts about her single status.

Everything’s going according to plan as the events surrounding the wedding unfold, but there’s a slight complication: for the first time in his career, Patrick is falling for a client. And Tove’s frozen heart is dangerously close to thawing for him.

Point of view:
3rd person. Alternating perspectives, not by chapter but clearly defined.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
I enjoyed several of Adele Buck’s Center Stage books and was excited she was writing a romance series focusing on main characters who are over 50.

This fun novella didn’t disappoint. It is insta-love as the book takes place over just a few days. Patrick and Tove have great chemistry, funny banter, and a shared goal of making the father of the bride know he’s not missed.

I like that the only drama comes from Tove’s ex – outside of that all characters involved are a fantastic mix of wonderful people. Fun, sweet, and a little sexy read.

About the author:
Adele Buck/Buchanan is the author of several novels. Her debut, Acting Up, was released in January 2021 and the second in that series, Method Acting released in April 2021. The third installment, Acting Lessons released on August 6. The final book, Fast Acting will come out in late fall.

Articles by Adele have been featured in Frolic and All the Kissing.

When not writing, Adele is a librarian at a Washington, D.C. law school. Prior to that, she had a short stint as an index editor and over a dozen years in corporate communications and executive relationship management. Even prior to that, she was an actress and stage manager.

She holds a theatre degree from Syracuse University and graduate degrees from the University of Maine School of Law and the University of Maryland’s iSchool. 

A New Hampshire native, Adele has lived in the D.C. area for over 20 years with her fantastic husband and the requisite number of neurotic cats. 

My Favorite Quotes

Who knew her skills as one of the foremost political image consultants in Washington would be needed in a conversation with her only child? – The Wedding Bait by @_AdeleBuck #Romance #GoldenYears #Over50 #Novella

He had the notion that the frost was a thin veneer and that heat might lie just underneath. – The Wedding Bait by @_AdeleBuck #Romance #GoldenYears #Over50 #Novella

She had thought she was hiring an employee. It felt more like she had unleashed a force of nature. – The Wedding Bait by @_AdeleBuck #Romance #GoldenYears #Over50 #Novella

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