Sometimes answers are worse than questions.

Lucas Mangum


Publisher’s Synopsis:
Controversial filmmaker William Ward doesn’t believe in curses, but he’s happy to have the hype surrounding his newest movie, an adaptation of a notorious screenplay with a dark history. As production begins and people start dying, he learns that the curse is all too real and the vengeful ghost haunting the script is only a piece of the puzzle. 

At its heart lies a shadowy cult, manipulating events behind the scenes. As dark forces gather around him, Ward and his girlfriend Rachel must find a way to break the curse before it’s too late.

Point of view:
3rd person. Multiple perspectives.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
Rellim on 12/31: For the new year you will stop buying audiobooks. Seriously. Stop. No more buying until you make a dent in everything you bought in the last year.

So… I got around my new year’s “resolution” by making this my last purchase of 2021. Then proceeded to totally mess up my grand listening plan and listened to it this week. I really enjoyed the team of Lucas Mangum & Sean Duregger in Gods of the Dark Web, so I was excited for this. Mania did not disappoint.

I loved this combination of psychological torment, gore, and unpredictability. The “cursed script” backstory seems like the avenue to a formulaic horror tale – but Mangum took this story in directions I didn’t expect. Especially when it came to which characters would survive and what is truly behind the curse. I liked getting to know the various players and some of their backgrounds. Though I admit to being somewhat happy that one, in particular, didn’t make it.

Duregger does a good job of giving the various characters unique voices and personalities. I like how he handles all the emotional parts. Great listen.

About the author:
Lucas Mangum is the author of Engines of Ruin, Gods of the Dark Web, and Saint Sadist. His debut novel Flesh and Fire was called “Supernatural with balls” by Horror Grandmaster Brian Keene. He lives in Texas with his family.

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About the narrator:
Sean Duregger is an award-winning audiobook narrator with a lifelong love for horror, science fiction, fantasy, and cinema trash. As a youth, Sean often sneaked into the Horror section of his local video store and allowed his imagination to take over as he prowled shelf after shelf of lurid VHS covers. Such films were not likely to get the family rental approval, so he could only stare at those jackets in wide-eyed wonderment about the terrifying and disgusting tales that lurked inside.

As an alternative to those visual feasts, he began devouring the works of Stephen King and other paperbacks of that ilk. Late at night, secure in a blanket fort and armed with a flashlight, Sean would fill his active mind with monsters, both human and not of this world. His love for reading and a penchant for creating voices to accompany the tales naturally led Sean to pursue audiobook narration. His enthusiastic embrace of genre fiction shines through in his work, enabling him to believably immerse listeners in tales from outlandish worlds.

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My Favorite Quotes

I don’t believe in curses, but I’ll take the hype. – Mania by @RealLucasMangum #Audiobook narrated by @SeanNarrates #Horror #Occult #Paranormal #Novella

Sometimes answers are worse than questions. – Mania by @RealLucasMangum #Audiobook narrated by @SeanNarrates #Horror #Occult #Paranormal #Novella

Fascination trumped all fear. – Mania by @RealLucasMangum #Audiobook narrated by @SeanNarrates #Horror #Occult #Paranormal #Novella

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