Childhood, Interrupted


Publisher’s Synopsis:
In this evocative, personal piece, Dr. Sanjay Gupta reflects on his life as a parent during this unprecedented time. He shares his fears and questions about raising his three young daughters amid our current public health crisis—and gives listeners a candid glimpse into how he’s navigating the pandemic at home. The neurosurgeon and CNN chief medical correspondent helps parents think about this time from the perspective he knows best: the workings of the brain. Equal parts essay, advice, and reassurance, Gupta reminds us that despite the relentless challenges of growing up during a pandemic, the kids will be all right.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
DNF at 50%. Not only did this not age well (released 6 months into the pandemic and we’re now at 2 years) but this is Gupta talking about his growing up and his own family/kids. I don’t begrudge his privileges, our family has many too – but this isn’t relatable to most middle class families.

It feels like a mini biography, not info helpful across the board. It’s also already a lot of dated info.

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