Convergence: The Far Side of Hell

Each photo he looked at began with joyful memories but ended with the searing-hot pain of loss.

AJ Powers
Convergence: The Far Side of Hell


Publisher’s Synopsis:
Even in death, life rarely goes as planned. 

Having nothing left to live for, Malcom is given a shot at redemption when a woman named Tessa needs his help. With death looming, Malcom, Tessa, and her children flee Cincinnati with their sights set on El Paso. They know the trip won’t be easy, but nothing could prepare them for the nightmares ahead.  

Follow these new characters in the Five Roads to Texas series as they set sail on a harrowing journey to what might be the last bastion of hope in America.

Point of view:
3rd person. Multiple perspectives, mostly Malcom & Tessa.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
Note: This is part of a series. While these are completely new characters and this runs somewhat concurrently to others in the series – I’d definitely recommend at least reading book 1, Five Roads to Texas to understand the premise.

Oh my gosh! I think this is my favorite of the series so far. Which is interesting given how much I love military books and this one was just regular folks. Survivor Malcom meets up with Tessa and her two children, teen Naomi & toddler TJ. Already dealing with grief and loss individually, this alliance proved to be just as harrowing and emotional as the other stories.

Even simple trips to seemingly abandoned stores to stock up on supplies become fraught with dangers. After tragedy strikes the escape from Ohio, finding their way to Texas becomes even more urgent.

Safe. For now. I hope to hear more about these characters as the series goes on.

Andrew B Wehrlen continues to be a great fit for the series. His voices and especially the emotions are wonderful

About the author:
AJ Powers

About the narrator:
With a strong, friendly and confident voice, Andy will tell you a story in a conversational way that seems like you’re hearing it from a friend you trust.

​Specializing in sci-fi, thrillers, horror,  post-apocalyptic and genre specific.

You can connect with Andrew B. Wehrlen here:

My Favorite Quotes

Cameron’s ultimate gift became his greatest nightmare. – Convergence by @aj_powers #Audiobook narrated by Andrew B. Wehrlen #PhalanxPress #FiveRoadsToTexas #Zombies #Horror #Thriller #Suspense #KindleUnlimited

Each photo he looked at began with joyful memories but ended with the searing-hot pain of loss. – Convergence by @aj_powers #Audiobook narrated by Andrew B. Wehrlen #PhalanxPress #FiveRoadsToTexas #Zombies #Horror #Thriller #Suspense #KindleUnlimited

Distractions in this world would get her, and her kids, killed. She had to stay sharp and mend relationships another day, whether she liked it or not. – Convergence by @aj_powers #Audiobook narrated by Andrew B. Wehrlen #PhalanxPress #FiveRoadsToTexas #Zombies #Horror #Thriller #Suspense #KindleUnlimited

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