The Road to Hell

Sidney watched in horror as the truck began to burn.

Brian Parker
The Road to Hell


Publisher’s Synopsis:
Winter has never been so hot, nor the world so dangerous. 

Sidney Bannister has been lucky so far. With no survival training and no real skills besides her street smarts, she realizes that must learn to fight so she can protect her newborn baby from the infected that plague the United States. 

Enemies from her former life arise to bring the AWOL Lieutenant Jake Murphy to justice. The hunt intensifies as the remnants of Jake’s old unit close in around him and his group of survivors. 

In the middle of the chaos, Iranian aircraft fill the skies of Kansas, forcing the Americans to make decisions that will impact all of their lives. How much is Sidney’s small group willing to sacrifice to stay together? 

Point of view:
3rd person.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
These are part of a series and while individual characters’ story arcs diverge after the 1st book, Five Roads to Texas – they also start to come back together in some ways. Definitely best to listen to them in order (and all of them!). Also, this review may contain spoilers to previous books.

This picks up a few months after the end of After the Roads – about a year after the outbreak began. Sidney, Jake, Carmen and the kids have found a safe haven at Vern’s farm. Unfortunately, Jake’s status as a deserter and an escaping Iranian team threaten to disrupt the tenuous peace. Well, as peaceful as you can be when there’s still infected finding their way to your farm.

Again, some folks are lost (though I’m probably not as sad about them as I should be) and new people join the group. It’s also apparent that staying is no longer an option. I liked the dynamic the new characters brought – especially Grady and Mark.

Like the other books in the series, answers about how and why this started only bring more questions. It might also be they’ve stumbled across a possible cure.

Lots of great action, political intrigue, and some very emotional scenes.

I love that Andrew B Wehrlen continues to narrate the series – but it leaves me with nothing original to say about him. He’s a great fit and these are easy to binge.

About the author:
A veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Brian Parker retired from the US Army after 25 years of service in 2020. Brian enjoys hiking, obstacle course racing, writing, and Texas Longhorns football. He’s an unashamed Star Wars fan, but prefers to disregard the entire Episode I and II debacle…and the newer Episode VIII disaster.

Brian is both traditionally and self-published with an ever-growing collection of works across multiple genres, including sci-fi, post-apocalyptic/dystopian, horror, paranormal thriller, military fiction, self-publishing how-to and even a children’s picture book–Zombie in the Basement, which he wrote to help children overcome the perceived stigma of being different than others.

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About the narrator:
With a strong, friendly and confident voice, Andy will tell you a story in a conversational way that seems like you’re hearing it from a friend you trust.

​Specializing in sci-fi, thrillers, horror,  post-apocalyptic and genre specific.

You can connect with Andrew B. Wehrlen here:

My Favorite Quotes

I can’t tell for sure, but looks like a few hundred of them about a mile away. – After the Roads by Brian Parker #Audiobook narrated by Andrew B. Wehrlen #Zombies #FiveRoadsToTexas #Thriller #Suspense #KindleUnlimited

Sidney watched in horror as the truck began to burn. – After the Roads by Brian Parker #Audiobook narrated by Andrew B. Wehrlen #Zombies #FiveRoadsToTexas #Thriller #Suspense #KindleUnlimited

They were going to make these bastards wish they’d never set foot in America. – After the Roads by Brian Parker #Audiobook narrated by Andrew B. Wehrlen #Zombies #FiveRoadsToTexas #Thriller #Suspense #KindleUnlimited

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