The thought of locating his loved ones was the only thing that gave him the faith and desire to go on living.

Allen Gamboa


Publisher’s Synopsis:
While the infected run wild across a broken America, Rick “Ram” Ramacher and Jesse Moreno struggle to make it back home to Northern California. The two slowly come to realize that Ram’s blood may hold the key to a vaccine for the flesh-eating virus and that they have to decide on saving Ram’s family or try to save the survivors of the shattered United States. Invading North Korean and Iranian forces, along with a group of mercenaries, are also searching the ravaged America for Ram and the precious key to an antidote.

Point of view:
3rd person. Multiple perspectives.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
This is part of an interconnected series. While this book stands on its own better than some of the others, these are best when you listen to them all and in order. This review may contain spoilers to earlier books.

Since Ram & Jesse split ways with Ian’s group, I’ve been wanting to know what they were up to. After being experimented on it’s apparent that Ram has a type of immunity to the virus and even contains enhanced abilities. Because this info has spread – Ram is being hunted on many fronts. The US militarily, North Koreans, Iranians, and several merc groups all want to capture Ram with the ultimate goal of trying to find a cure. All Ram wants to do is get home to his family.

Gamboa introduces a lot of new characters and it was a little overwhelming to keep track of them and their respective allegiances – but once I got them all sorted in my mind it was an enjoyable dynamic. Some of these factions were not only fighting each other, but imploding from the inside. Which, of course, helped Ram & Jesse’s survival immensely.

Lots of narrow escapes, battles, and a few brushes with the infected. It took me a while to figure out why, with all this action, the pacing felt stifled. Gamboa has divided the shortest book in the series into a whopping 66 chapters – most are under 5 minutes. It wasn’t even by changing perspectives as that often changed within chapters. Constant breaks for a numbering, title, and (mostly non-changing) locations was incredibly distracting and brought me out of the story.

Overall, I did enjoy the storyline and the conclusion… which is another “to be continued”. I’m looking forward to more Sydney in Reciprocity.

Andrew B Wehrlen does a good job again. He does a great job with a lot of accents and personalities. There’s some very emotional scenes that he brings an added eeriness to.

About the authors:
Allen Gamboa is a retired peace officer and ex AirForce Sergeant. He lives in the Redwoods with his lovely, former Navy and retired peace officer, wife. He loves all things horror and cake.

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About the narrator:
With a strong, friendly and confident voice, Andy will tell you a story in a conversational way that seems like you’re hearing it from a friend you trust.

​Specializing in sci-fi, thrillers, horror,  post-apocalyptic and genre specific.

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