Kee’s Wedding


Publisher’s Synopsis:
-a Night Stalkers Wedding story-

Before the end of Night Stalkers #2, I Own the Dawn…

Sniper Kee Smith knew two things for certain:
1) she’d never be a mother
2) she’d never be a bride

Wounded in battle, Captain Archie Stevenson will never fly again. He knows that he can’t ask the woman and the war orphan they both love to take on such a burden.

Kee and Archie have fought many battles together, but can they face the hard truths and reach the altar for Kee’s Wedding.

Point of view:
3rd person. From Archie & Kee’s perspectives.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
This was OK, but kind of disappointing for a wedding story. It was as angsty as their relationship and not quite what I was expecting or hoping for. I wanted to feel more solidity to Archie & Kee’s HEA. The positive resolution was basically the last paragraph.

At the end it teases ANOTHER short excerpt that’s supposed to be from Dilya’s POV. When you follow the link – the landing page requires you to sign up for Buchman’s newsletter. Fine. Except when you do, what you get is a BookFunnel copy of Daniel’s Christmas.

I finally found them on Buchman’s website here.
It’s a few pages of the dress shop scene from Dilya’s perspective. Simplistic, but sweet.

Ultimately, all included, this is a very short story. The last 25% of the length was an excerpt from another book. $3 is incredibly overpriced for the length. Buchman should lower the price &/or consider box sets for these.

About the author:
Bestselling author M.L. Buchman started the first of over 70 novels and 100 short stories (along with an ever-growing pile of audiobooks narrated by the author) while flying from South Korea to ride across the Australian Outback. All part of an around-the-world bicycle trip (a mid-life crisis on wheels) that ultimately launched his writing career. His true loves are military romantic suspense and political technothrillers; with contemporary romance, fantasy, and SF all vying for third place.

M. L. has designed and built houses, flown and jumped out of airplanes, and consulted to the Fortune 100. He is constantly amazed at what can be done with a degree in geophysics.

You can connect with M.L. Buchman here:

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