Graveyard Fields

The walls he was used to climbing over or digging under had begun to move in directions he couldn’t outmaneuver.

Steven Tingle
Graveyard Fields


Publisher’s Synopsis:

Point of view:
1st person. Entirely from Davis’ perspective.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
This was such a wild ride and a lot of fun. Steven Tingle writes characters that border on ridiculous except having grown up in a small southern town myself I recognized many of them. It’s hard to believe that I’d be fond of a disgruntled, disgraced, and chemically dependent “hero” but that’s exactly what happened.

Because this is entirely from Davis’ perspective, I found myself uncovering the mysteries right along with him. With a somewhat insular community where outsiders aren’t readily trusted, his friendship with Dale is unique and humorous. Davis and a reluctant Dale become central in solving murders and more (don’t want to spoil anything). Lots of folks keeping secrets and protecting themselves makes for a lot of twists and turns. Nothing predictable about this book.

I enjoyed the way Tingle wraps things up. I could see this launching a series, but no matter what I’ll be looking for more from this author.

I picked this specifically because Matt Godfrey narrated it. His performance was perfection and an ideal match to Tingles’ writing. All these quirky characters – Godfrey gives them all unique sounds and personalities. I am completely in love with his portrayal of Floppy. Brilliant.

About the author:
Steven Tingle is a South Carolina based freelance writer, author, and journalist. In addition to having served as Editor at Large for Tempus, a luxury lifestyle publication for private jet owners, Steven contributes to a variety of national and regional publications including Robb Report, Modern Luxury, Town, Birmingham, and Discovery (Cathay Pacific’s in-flight magazine). A script Steven wrote detailing the early history of the South Carolina textile industry has been produced and will air on PBS in 2021.

About the narrator:
Matt Godfrey was raised in the Deep South on O’Connor, Welty, and Lee, and spent most of his teenage years in Yoknapatawpha County. But the books took him places, from Los Angeles to Tokyo, Bradbury to Murakami. After nine years as a working film and TV actor, he found his true passion in audiobooks and now is lucky enough to live inside books every day. He is a winner of the Audiofile Earphones Award and a multiple-time nominee for the Society of Voice Arts & Sciences Awards and the Independent Audiobook Awards
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My Favorite Quotes

It was my usual MO, narcissism mixed with laziness. I’d always found it easier to fantasize about something than to actually do it. – Graveyard Fields by Steven Tingle #Audiobook #NarratorMotivated by @GodfreyTweets #Mystery #Suspense #Thriller

Carla used to say, if you have only one year left to live, move to Cruso, because every day there is like a fucking eternity. – Graveyard Fields by Steven Tingle #Audiobook #NarratorMotivated by @GodfreyTweets #Mystery #Suspense #Thriller

“You can pay me back with some beer,” he said. “But good beer, not that pinecone stuff.” – Graveyard Fields by Steven Tingle #Audiobook #NarratorMotivated by @GodfreyTweets #Mystery #Suspense #Thriller

The walls he was used to climbing over or digging under had begun to move in directions he couldn’t outmaneuver. – Graveyard Fields by Steven Tingle #Audiobook #NarratorMotivated by @GodfreyTweets #Mystery #Suspense #Thriller

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