The Perfect Murder

I can’t believe you’re standing here saying the exact same words I’ve wanted to say to you.

Kat Martin
The Perfect Murder


Publisher’s Synopsis:
The eldest of the three wealthy Garrett brothers, Reese Garrett is in the middle of a major purchase for his multimillion-dollar oil and gas company, Garrett Resources. The Poseidon offshore drilling platform venture will greatly enhance the company’s value.

But when Reese is on a trip out to see the rig, his helicopter crashes, leaving him hospitalized and two men dead. It’s discovered the chopper was sabotaged, and Reese is determined to find out who’s behind the crash—and whether he was the intended target. Then, when his lover, Kenzie, is accused of her ex-husband’s murder—a man with a vested interest in the Poseidon deal—clues start pointing to a connection that puts Reese, Kenzie and her young son in the sights of a killer.

From the Texas heat to the Louisiana bayous, Reese and his brothers must track down the truth before the body count gets any higher.

Point of view:
3rd person. Alternating perspectives.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
This is the 4th book in the Maximum Security series (plus 4 novellas) and stands well on its own. Though as the series has progressed and more characters are introduced, it’s helpful to read them in order.

I’m a big fan of office romance, romantic suspense, and single parent tropes. Martin combines them all making this one of my favorite books of the series. Reese, CEO of Garrett resources, and his executive assistant Kenzie are at the center of two different conspiracies. The more Reese, his brothers, and the other operatives at Maximum Security uncover the more it becomes apparent that neither are what they appear to be. This story had a lot of layers to the mystery aspect which led to several suspenseful/thriller elements.

In the midst of all of this Reese and Kenzie both admit to their true feelings for each other. I love that even though they’ve been working together for 6 months, there’s still more to learn.

The pacing for this was wonderful and I really liked Reese, Kenzie, & Griff their HEA.

Another fantastic narration by James Anderson Foster. He really does a great job of giving all the characters a unique voice plus bringing emotion and suspense to the story. I’m looking forward to checking out more of his work.

About the author:
New York Times bestselling author Kat Martin is a graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara where she majored in Anthropology and also studied History. Currently residing in Missoula, Montana with her Western-author husband, L. J. Martin, Kat has written sixty-five Historical and Contemporary Romantic Suspense novels. More than sixteen million copies of her books are in print and she has been published in twenty foreign countries. Kat is currently at work on her next Romantic Suspense.

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About the narrator:
Dubbed “the Hardest Working Man in Audiobooks,” James Anderson Foster has won or been nominated for every major award in the audiobook industry, and was one of those kids who actually lettered in drama way back in High School (and if you ask nicely, he might even tell you just how far back that was).

Since that time, he’s done most of his acting behind a microphone, and has narrated audiobooks for a variety of publishers, across nearly all genres – both fiction and non.

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I can’t believe you’re standing here saying the exact same words I’ve wanted to say to you. – The Perfect Murder by @katmartinauthor #Audiobook narrated by @jamesnarrates #SingleMom #MaximumSecurity #RomanticSuspense #Mystery #Suspense #Thriller

She’d made them hurt and good for her. – The Perfect Murder by @katmartinauthor #Audiobook narrated by @jamesnarrates #SingleMom #MaximumSecurity #RomanticSuspense #Mystery #Suspense #Thriller

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