Two works. Two works great, but there’s something about three.

Rebekah Weatherspoon

ebook & Audiobook

Publisher’s Synopsis:
Betrayed and set adrift…

Months before she’s set to walk down the aisle, assistant district attorney Brooklyn Lewis suffers an unthinkable loss. It’s bad enough her fiancé is violently taken from her, but along with her grief she must also process the fact that the man of her dreams was unfaithful. Friends and family want to see her heal, but Brooklyn doesn’t know how to move on from the trauma and deception until she discovers she’s not the only one broken by this tragedy.

A light in the storm…

Attorney Vaughn Coleman and his partner Chris Shaw have also lost the love of their lives, who was found lifeless in the same bed as Brooklyn’s fiancé, taken from them by the same killer.

Unmoored by grief, Brooklyn, Chris, and Vaughn fall into a relationship that both fulfills them and threatens to pull them under the waves of guilt, but they soon realize it may take the love of three people to bring their battered ships back to shore.

Point of view:
1st person. Alternating perspectives, clearly defined.

Rellim’s thoughts:
This is the 3rd & final book in the Beards & Bondage series. While this could stand on its own – I’d definitely recommend listening to them all and in order.

Whew! This is an emotionally rocky road as Brook, Shaw, & Vaughn try to recover from the ultimate betrayal and vicious loss revealed in a single incident.

I love, love really well written MMF. Where there’s compelling story, plot, world building, and a true relationship between the main characters. Not just sex. But oh my god is the sex in this amazing! Chapters are told from all three characters perspectives and I feel like I really got to know them. I feel like not only do they work as a unit, I appreciated that each character had an individual relationship with the others.

I was also thrilled with the little updates of Claudia & Shep from Haven and Liz & Silas from Sanctuary. Weatherspoon is the Master… errr Mistress 😉 of kinky sex AND people working out their issues. It’s shrewd writing and a truly inspired story. The entire series is phenomenal.

I loved Rolando Brown & Lacy Laurel’s performances. They both gave Brook, Shaw, & Vaughn unique voices and kept them consistent throughout the book. Brilliant job with all the emotions. Such an easy book to listen to and I know I’ll be revisiting this series often.

About the author:
After years of meddling in her friends’ love lives, Rebekah Weatherspoon turned to writing romance to get her fix. Raised in Southern New Hampshire, Rebekah Weatherspoon now lives in Southern California where she will remain forever because she hates moving.

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About the narrator:
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When you keep your declarations private, that privacy comes with consequences. – HARBOR by @RdotSpoon #Audiobook narrated by @LacyNarrates & #RolandoBrown #Romance #BeardsAndBondage #MMF #Polyamory

Two works. Two works great, but there’s something about three. – HARBOR by @RdotSpoon #Audiobook narrated by @LacyNarrates & #RolandoBrown #Romance #BeardsAndBondage #MMF #Polyamory

Voyeurism also needs consent. – HARBOR by @RdotSpoon #Audiobook narrated by @LacyNarrates & #RolandoBrown #Romance #BeardsAndBondage #MMF #Polyamory

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