Plum Island


Publisher’s Synopsis:
Everyone seemed to like Tom and Judy Gordon, two intelligent, young, and attractive scientists found murdered in their waterfront home. When the Manhattan detective John Corey, recovering from bullet wounds at his uncle’s house, is brought to the case, he begins to suspect that the Gordons who had worked on the Plum Island’s animal research facility might have been stealing and selling genetically-altered viruses. But to whom? And with what consequences? In this atmospheric novel that melds medical mystery, police investigation, and adventure, DeMille returns to Long Island, N.Y., the setting of his enormously popular THE GOLD COAST.

Point of view:
1st person. Entirely from John Corey’s perspective.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
I don’t know how to write a review on this. It’s weirdly offensive and compelling at the same time. Way too long (20 hours!), yet I listened to it all and can’t pinpoint what to cut out other than 70% of John Corey’s banter. I’m not against long audios – I have many, many that are this length that I loved every minute of. This was not it. I liked the “bones” of the plot and murder investigation. Unfortunately the pacing was hindered by weird conversations and actions that didn’t help the story move forward.

Even the ending felt meh and slightly anticlimactic.

Just looking at the length of book 2 (24 hours) has me dropping the series here.

This Goodreads review is much more articulate than mine and sums up my feelings well.

I’m pretty sure Scott Brick is the reason I finished this.

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