Enduring Night


Publisher’s Synopsis:
The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting. Nikolas has always liked art. You’d have thought that Ben and Nikolas would have learned that their romantic holidays inevitably end up as disasters. A short break on the polar ice sees them trapped in a nightmare of murder and deceit. Neither of them, however, foresees the long-term impact that endless winter has on their relationship. They return with a metaphorical darkness that threatens everything they have created together. Desperate and fearing for Nikolas’ life, Ben makes a bargain with a surprising ally. For the first time, Nikolas meets an enemy more powerful than he is. But fortunately, not as sneaky…

Point of view:
3rd person. Alternating perspectives, not by chapter, but defined.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
Enduring Night is the seventh book in Wiltshire’s More Heat Than the Sun series. These books follow the same couple and each book builds off some events from previous ones. In some ways these stand on their own, but I’d definitely recommend listening to them all and in order – starting with Love is a Stranger.

This one didn’t work for me the way the others have. Nik & Ben have always had a weird & twisted relationship. In the other books this was weaved well through a variety of thrilling adventures.

This time, it was first half packed with mystery and suspense and the second half was just odd. I don’t know how to explain without spoilers – which I very seldom use in my reviews – so that’s below.

I did kind of like how it ended up and I’ll listen to the next book, His Fateful Heap of Days.

Gary Furlong is amazing as always. Accents, personalities, emotions. It all sounds so effortless and like a full cast instead of one person. Loved his performance.

🛑 Stop here if you want spoiler free. 🛑


Ben finds God. Whatever, I kind of get it when you almost lose someone you love and you’re bargaining with God to save them. But the whole, “God doesn’t want me to be gay” from Ben and for the entire second half of the book just didn’t work for me. Then Nik, who up until this point frequently denied being gay and hasn’t allowed an ounce of being publicly open about his relationship with Ben… is upset at Ben’s denouncement.

The pacing was slow, the storyline dragged, and the whole thing was just odd and out of character for both of them.

They did get back together and are now out to the world. So it’s not a cliffhanger.

About the author:
John Wiltshire is the pen name.  The author was born in England.  She spent twenty-two years in the British Army, perfecting the art of looking busy whilst secretly writing.  She retired at the rank of Major, and finally settled in New Zealand. 

Although she has no plans to return to the army, she can occasionally be caught polishing her medals.

You can connect with John Wiltshire here:

About the narrator:
Throughout his life he has worn many a hat: He has worked as a teacher in Niigata, Japan; a puppeteer in Prague; an improv artist in Memphis, Tennessee, but made the leap to voiceover in 2015. Gary has narrated over 120 books spanning various genres.

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