A Shot to Kill

There were no rules in his code other than to not get caught and to not kill innocents.

Kronos Ananthsimha
A Shot to Kill


Publisher’s Synopsis:
A Shot To Kill

A Vengeful Assassin
A Treacherous Asset
A Paranoid Target

Slade Heller, a young assassin, works for a private intelligence company called the Elysium Group. He’s sent to Florida to eliminate a drug cartel’s violent enforcer with just one shot. The operation’s burnt from the beginning. A traitor at Elysium has sold Slade out to the target. The hunter is now the hunted.

Fueled by his bloodlust and ego, Slade dives deeper into a fiasco where deadly criminals are after his head. Risking his own life to kill the traitor at Elysium Group, a criminal who didn’t take his redemptive second chance at life, Slade’s also hunting his target before innocent lives are lost. Captured, then on the run without any backup, Slade Heller has to use all his wits, cunning, and brutality to survive and get the job done by any means necessary.

Point of view:
3rd Person

Rellim’s Thoughts:
Thanks to Deep Reads for the recommendation!

I never thought I’d find a short story thriller that I would enjoy this much. Ananthsimha’s Slade Heller is a mysterious antihero/assassin targeting a cartel enforcer in Miami. Tasked by a secret agency with tons of resources including a snarky support agent, Heller’s skills seem too good to be true. However, not all goes as planned after being double crossed. Kidnapping, escape, gun battles, knife fights – fast paced, action packed, and a wry sense of humor make for a great read.

I’m looking forward to the next installment, A Time to Kill.

About the author:
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My Favorite Quotes

A weapon like no other who did the work of the angels, not merely out of the goodness of his heart, but for the love of his payment. – A Shot to Kill by @KronosAnanth #Thriller #ShortStory #SladeHeller #KindleUnlimited

Fuck the odds. I’m game for anything that beats attending a training module and doesn’t send me to prison. – A Shot to Kill by @KronosAnanth #Thriller #ShortStory #SladeHeller #KindleUnlimited

Slade was too egotistic to believe anyone could actually kill him after all the horrors he’d survived with his sheer cunning and brutality. – A Shot to Kill by @KronosAnanth #Thriller #ShortStory #SladeHeller #KindleUnlimited

There were no rules in his code other than to not get caught and to not kill innocents. – A Shot to Kill by @KronosAnanth #Thriller #ShortStory #SladeHeller #KindleUnlimited

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