Lipstick and Lies

It took several minutes for the two of us to register all that was happening.

Gina LaManna
Lipstick and Lies


Note: At the time of this review, the ebook is available in Kindle Unlimited.

Publisher’s Synopsis:
Jenna McGovern is dressed to kill for Blueberry Lake’s annual firefighter charity auction. But when she finds her attractive fireman neighbor, Matt Bridges, standing over the body of a local hair stylist—and his ex-girlfriend—it’s not exactly the romantic ambiance Jenna had in mind.

While the handsome chief of police, Cooper Dear, sets out to investigate Matt, Jenna finds herself sucked into another murder case in which an innocent man seems to have been framed. Cooper isn’t especially thrilled when Jenna takes Matt’s side, and he’s even less thrilled when it appears the murderer has turned his or her sights on Jenna.

Unfortunately, Jenna’s in far too deep to back out. She’s got a new car, freshly waxed eyebrows, and a manicure that can be seen from space… but if Jenna doesn’t stop the murderer before it’s too late, she’ll be picking out clothes for her very own funeral.

Point of view:
1st Person. Entirely from Jenna’s perspective.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
Mostly funny & OTT cozy mystery. Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of love triangles and while it was sort of light in the first book – it didn’t work for me here. It felt like Jenna wasn’t being entirely honest with either of them. Cooper and Matt started competing for Jenna and it took over the story. Unlike the last one where Jenna was slightly nosey about the murder, this time she interrogates pretty much everyone involved with the victim and it stretched believability too far for me.

It ends with Matt & Cooper neck n neck for Jenna’s affections. Honestly, I’m not interested to see who she ends up with so I’m going to stop here.

Kelsey Navarro was delightful again. Her portrayal of all these characters is just fantastic. She’s the reason I finished listening.

About the author:
Originally from St. Paul, Minnesota, Gina LaManna has also called Italy and Los Angeles home. At the moment she lives nine blocks from the beach and sometimes runs marathons. After studying numbers and equations in college, she realized multiple choice tests were “just not for her” and began writing books instead. She loves cappuccino foam and whipped cream and would subsist solely on sprinkles if possible. She has one imaginary dog.

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