A Time to Kill

Slade Heller was never a religious man, but the wall full of high-end weaponry made him want to pray in gratitude.

Kronos Ananthsimha
A Time to Kill


Publisher’s Synopsis:
Two Elusive Targets
One Deceptive Assassin
Zero Chance for Error

Slade Heller, a skilled assassin for the Elysium Group, is sent undercover into the mob to kill two targets at the right time. Infiltrating deep into London’s underground world of bloodsport, Slade has to fit in among criminals, befriend them, and get close to his elusive targets. But can he survive the deceptive operation long enough to reach his targets before he has put a target on himself?

With all his killer instincts sharp as ever, Slade’s surrounded by dangerous criminals and terrorists when he accidentally ignites a feud between them. Chasing his targets amidst the wild chaos, the assassin has to face if he’s something more than just a monster, in a fray where nothing is what it seems. He’s never risked his life for something beyond himself, but an accidental act of heroism isn’t out of the assassin’s reach.

Point of view:
3rd Person

Rellim’s Thoughts:
This is the second Slade Heller short story. While events in A Shot to Kill are referred to, this stands fine on its own.

Another enjoyable thriller short from Kronos Ananthsimha. Assassin Slade Heller is back in London and on the hunt for a terrorist known as The Lion. Which means imbedding himself in the underground fighting scene.

While a quick read this contains well developed characters, several enjoyable action scenes, foot chases, shootouts, and some wry banter. Can’t wait for the next one.

I’m looking forward to the next installment, A Day to Kill.

About the author:
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My Favorite Quotes

Slade Heller woke up alert, early at five, and planned to not kill anyone the entire day. – A Time to Kill by @KronosAnanth #Thriller #ShortStory #SladeHeller #KindleUnlimited

A darker side of his mind wanted to kill them all right now and walk away, but he quieted that inner urge by chugging his mug of the local brew. – A Time to Kill by @KronosAnanth #Thriller #ShortStory #SladeHeller #KindleUnlimited

Slade Heller was never a religious man, but the wall full of high-end weaponry made him want to pray in gratitude. – A Time to Kill by @KronosAnanth #Thriller #ShortStory #SladeHeller #KindleUnlimited

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