Note: This is part of the Colton Tree Ranch box set that includes: Dalton, Eamon, & Parker.

At the time of this review the series is available in Kindle Unlimited.

Publisher’s Synopsis:
Eamon thinks he has love and life figured out. A successful accountant, full of confidence and charm, he’s got it all, including the beautiful girlfriend and the high flying job. But when his brother inherits a ranch in south Georgia, he leaves everything behind to help him run it.

Emily Zhu is a driven and ambitious surgeon from Boston. Everything in her life is structured and planned, down to the last detail. When she doesn’t get the job she’s been promised and has been working toward, it seems everything could come tumbling down around her. Suddenly the future is clouded with uncertainty.

When Eamon and Emily’s paths collide at a wedding, they fight an immediate attraction. Eamon could be the only person who can help Emily find her feet in a world where nothing makes sense. The one to show her opportunity where all she sees is failure. But will she be willing to give Eamon a chance to prove he’s the one thing she really needs? And what will they do when an unexpected tragedy strikes at the heart of everything they’ve fought for?

Point of view:
3rd person. Alternating perspectives.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
This is book 2 and has been combined with book 1 (Dalton) & book 3 (Parker) into a box set: The Cotton Tree Ranch series. Books are best listened to in order as storylines build from events in previous books. This review will contain spoilers to book 1, Dalton.

DNF – This closed door romance didn’t work for me at all and I finally just gave up. It’s like the author was going for enemies to lovers or something, but really Emily is just in a bad mood. She snipes at Eamon a lot but never apologizes for it.

Emily is in town for Dalton & Hazel’s wedding. She says she feels sick during the reception and Eamon offers to take her home and then feels that’s an appropriate time to kiss her. He also has a girlfriend when he kisses her. Not a great start.

She’s in town from Boston for only 3 days, finds Eamon attractive, and decides to look for a job nearby. The writing feels choppy, events are unsupported by anything – but there’s a whole chapter about fixing an air conditioner. There’s no chemistry between the MCs. I just gave up.

I like Dawson McBride’s southern drawl. However his slow delivery accentuates the already stilted pacing of the writing.

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