Not So Neighborly


Publisher’s Synopsis:
Beth hates her neighbour Sam. He’s loud, obnoxiously happy, and is always dancing around with his rescue animals. She’s been a widow for years now, but when a relentless client who can’t take no for an answer won’t leave her alone, Beth decides she needs someone to fake date. Why not Sam? What could possibly go wrong?

Sam likes Beth. She’s prickly, funny, and always puts him in his place. When she comes to him asking to fake date, he jumps at the chance. Retirement is boring, and any chance to get closer to Beth is a bonus in his eyes.

Will opposites attract? Or is this fake dating scheme destined to go down in a ball of flames?

Rellim’s Thoughts:
I was super excited for a romance featuring a couple over 50, unfortunately this one didn’t work for me. The sex was mostly hot (there were some continuity issues). Ultimately, I think the author tried to pack too much into such a short story and it left all of it underdeveloped and forced some awkward dialogue.

Grumpy/sunshine, neighbors, widow/divorcée, introvert/extrovert, fake dating, forced proximity, friends with benefits, real dating, illness, 3rd act breakup, and boom everything is fine in the last paragraph.

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