Hell on Heels

Having a hitchhiker in your head pretty much always sucks, but it sucks worse when the hitchhiker is an insufferable smartass.

John G. Hartness
Hell on Heels

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Note: The series has been combined into box sets. Quincy Harker, Demon Hunter Omnibus Volume One contains the first 12 novellas of the series. ebook or audiobook (almost 30 hours!)

Publisher’s Synopsis:
You think your family has baggage? Quincy Harker has to not only deal with his uncle’s psychotic vampire ex-minion Augustus Renfield, but there’s a new Vampire Hunter in town, and her name is Van Helsing! It’s not a good day for a foul-mouthed magic-using demon hunter, and it gets worse when the original Renfield kidnaps the current Renfield to lure Harker and his Uncle Luke (you can call him Dracula if you prefer) into an ambush.

Point of view:
1st person. Entirely from Harker’s perspective.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
This is book 3 in the Quincy Harker: Demon Hunter series. While there’s a complete story, they’re definitely best enjoyed in order as revelations impact later books.

Harker has a new frenemy when he teams up with another demon hunter, a past Renfield stirs up trouble, current Renfield tries to help, and even Uncle Luke gets involved. I love how Hartness is slowly unfolding more of Harker’s history with each novella.

These continue to be fast paced, lots of action, and snarky fun.

James Anderson Foster continues to be perfect at the helm of this series. I enjoy Hartness’ writing, but I don’t think I would do it justice reading it to myself. Such a fun and easy listen.

About the author:
John G. Hartness is a teller of tales, a righter of wrong, defender of ladies’ virtues, and some people call him Maurice, for he speaks of the pompatus of love. He is also the award-winning author of the urban fantasy series The Black Knight Chronicles, the Bubba the Monster Hunter comedic horror series, the Quincy Harker, Demon Hunter dark fantasy series, and many other projects. He is also a cast member of the role-playing podcast Authors & Dragons, where a group of comedy, fantasy, and horror writers play Dungeons & Dragons. Very poorly.

In 2016, John teamed up with a group of other publishing industry ne’er-do-wells and founded Falstaff Books, a small press dedicated to publishing the best of genre fiction’s “misfit toys.” Falstaff Books has since published over 50 titles with authors ranging from first-timers to NY Times bestsellers, with no signs of slowing down any time soon.

In his copious free time John enjoys long walks on the beach, rescuing kittens from trees and playing Magic: the Gathering. John’s pronouns are he/him.

You can connect with John G. Hartness here:

About the narrator:
Dubbed “the Hardest Working Man in Audiobooks,” James Anderson Foster has won or been nominated for every major award in the audiobook industry, and was one of those kids who actually lettered in drama way back in High School (and if you ask nicely, he might even tell you just how far back that was).

Since that time, he’s done most of his acting behind a microphone, and has narrated audiobooks for a variety of publishers, across nearly all genres – both fiction and non.

My Favorite Quotes

A vampire outbreak at the morgue. You’ve got three, maybe more, baby vamps that just woke up and are hungry as hell – Hell on Heels by @johnhartness #Audiobook narrated by @jamesnarrates #Horror #Antihero #DarkFantasy #KindleUnlimited #Novella #QuincyHarker #DemonHunter

Flynn laughing her ass off inside my head.  You’re so fucked, Harker. It’s like she’s you, only with boobs! – Hell on Heels by @johnhartness #Audiobook narrated by @jamesnarrates #Horror #Antihero #DarkFantasy #KindleUnlimited #Novella #QuincyHarker #DemonHunter

I am the apparently immortal or at least stupidly long-lived son of two parents that Dracula fed on, shared blood with, but didn’t turn. – Hell on Heels by @johnhartness #Audiobook narrated by @jamesnarrates #Horror #Antihero #DarkFantasy #KindleUnlimited #Novella #QuincyHarker #DemonHunter

Having a hitchhiker in your head pretty much always sucks, but it sucks worse when the hitchhiker is an insufferable smartass. – Hell on Heels by @johnhartness #Audiobook narrated by @jamesnarrates #Horror #Antihero #DarkFantasy #KindleUnlimited #Novella #QuincyHarker #DemonHunter

It was easily the most terrifying thing I’ve ever seen, and I’ve summoned Japanese sex demons for kicks. – Hell on Heels by @johnhartness #Audiobook narrated by @jamesnarrates #Horror #Antihero #DarkFantasy #KindleUnlimited #Novella #QuincyHarker #DemonHunter

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