A Way to Kill

The operation had too much room for error and many chances for them to get killed.

Kronos Ananthsimha
A Way to Kill


Publisher’s Synopsis:
A Team of Killers
A Dangerous Mission
A Betrayed Assassin

Slade Heller, an assassin for the Elysium Group(a PMC) has survived a bounty on his head and is exiled out of England. Now, he’s thrust into a kinetic fast-moving operation in Paris, where double crosses can come from his own side. His target is a terror financier, but the operation’s complicated with multiple objectives.

Working with a crew of other professional killers, Slade has to navigate the bullet ridden criminal underworld of Paris while on the hunt for his quarry in an operation that could cost the lives of innocent civilians. Alone and trapped after a betrayal, Slade had to outwit and outfight his way out of a labyrinth to survive and get the mission done. He’s angry and will find a way to kill anyone who’s standing in his way in his action packed, explosive rampage.

Point of view:
3rd Person

Rellim’s Thoughts:
This is the 4th Slade Heller short. These stand well on their own but are best enjoyed in order.

This time Slade has partners in his mission and he’s not happy about it. Another quick read with nonstop action. I love that this ended a little differently than the others.

About the author:
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My Favorite Quotes

He’d always been a lone wolf and prided himself on working like a ronin, getting the job done on his own while retaining his individuality. – A Way to Kill by @KronosAnanth #Thriller #Suspense #ShortStory #SladeHeller #KindleUnlimited

The operation had too much room for error and many chances for them to get killed. – A Way to Kill by @KronosAnanth #Thriller #Suspense #ShortStory #SladeHeller #KindleUnlimited

The assassin prided himself on being precise with his work but had chosen the spray and pray option this time – A Way to Kill by @KronosAnanth #Thriller #Suspense #ShortStory #SladeHeller #KindleUnlimited

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