Rescued by a Bad Boy

You’re my person. You’ve been my family for years when I had none. I’d love nothing more than to make that official.

Kait Nolan
Rescued by a Bad Boy


Publisher’s Synopsis:
Mia has been Braxton’s best friend for years. Even when they no longer lived in the same foster family, even after he’d aged out of the system, he’d continued to look out for the one person who got under his skin and made him care.

For the last six years, Mia’s been keeping her head down, putting one foot in front of the other, unable to trust anyone with her secrets—including the foster brother who’s been the one bright spot in her life, as well as her secret crush.

Just one more day until Mia turns eighteen—a legal adult. Brax doesn’t trust her foster father and wants her out of that house. Is proposing a marriage of convenience to your best friend a little drastic? Maybe so. But what Brax feels is so far beyond friendship. Is it possible Mia feels it, too?

Please note that this is a backstory prequel. The adult second chance romance between Brax and Mia is covered in MIXED UP WITH A MARINE, Book 1 in the new Bad Boy Bakers series, releasing April 8th.

Point of view:
3rd Person. Alternating perspectives, not always by chapter, but it’s clearly defined.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
Note: Be sure to read the content warning at the beginning of the book. This is a bit more descriptive/intense than Nolan’s other books.

Freebie prequel novella to launch her Bad Boy Bakers series. YA/NA friends to lovers to married. I enjoyed both Brax and Mia’s characters as well as their established friendship. Their new love is mired by horrific circumstances at her foster home. Great, but intense read.

This *is* a cliffhanger because the intention is to give history/backstory for Brax & Mia’s full length book, Mixed Up with a Marine. Which I immediately grabbed in audio!

About the author:
Kait Nolan is a RITA® Award-winning Mississippi author who calls everyone sugar, honey, or darlin’, and can wield a ‘Bless your heart’ like a Snuggie or a saber, depending on requirements. She believes in love, laughter, and that tacos are the world’s most perfect food. When she’s not writing, reading, working the evil day job, or wrangling family (both the two-legged and the four-), you can find her obsessively watching The Great British Bake Off.

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My Favorite Quotes

He’d befriended her when she’d had no one. Taught her how to fight, what to watch for. Kept her safe. – Rescued by a Bad Boy by @kaitnolan #RomanticSuspense #BadBoyBakers #Novella #FriendsToLovers

What would she say if she knew he organized his entire work schedule around being able to see her to and from school? – Rescued by a Bad Boy by @kaitnolan #RomanticSuspense #BadBoyBakers #Novella #FriendsToLovers

You’re my person. You’ve been my family for years when I had none. I’d love nothing more than to make that official. – Rescued by a Bad Boy by @kaitnolan #RomanticSuspense #BadBoyBakers #Novella #FriendsToLovers

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