Nothing but the Wolf in Me

She’s one of us. I don’t know how much, or in what way, but she is. This couldn’t have happened otherwise.

Nikki Clarke
Nothing but the Wolf in Me


Publisher’s Synopsis:
Valeena is on the run. Except she’s not running anymore. She’s managed to do the impossible, escape from her sociopath brother and hide away on the outskirts of a nice, sleepy mountain town.

It’s just her, her kinda-neighbor, Bob (not his real name because she doesn’t do names), and the small arsenal she keeps stashed in her cabin, just in case. That is until one snowy night an injured dog (wolf?) finds its way to her front porch offering companionship, an uncanny knack for being able to unlock and relock doors, and a habit of disappearing.

Even more unexpected is the intense, insanely hot dude who shows up claiming ownership of her new puppy only to sweep her into the kind of passion she thought had no place in her life. He also brings his own secrets, a hint to her lineage, and a demand that she trust him to keep her safe.

Point of view:
1st person. Alternating between Valeena & Godwin’s perspectives.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
Thanks again to Diem’s Diamonds for sharing this on Twitter!

This is the first book in Nikki Clarke’s Black Valley Wolves series. A great mix of humor, suspense, and romance. There was a lot going on in this story, but instead of overwhelming me – it worked to keep me interested and sucked into this world that Clarke created.

Godwin is a wolf shifter who has been shot and seeks shelter at a remote cabin. Valeena is hiding from her past, but bonds with this “Puppy” who shows up on her doorstep. (The fact that she continues to call him Puppy throughout the book is especially hilarious.) Things move from there in unexpected and intriguing ways. Her learning he’s a shifter, him recognizing her as a mate. Both of them facing danger from their respective families.

I’ve read a lot of shifter books and this was a completely unique take. Poor Valeena really doesn’t trust that Godwin is going to stick around or be good for her. He proves himself and she bonds with a new family in his pack. There’s several suspenseful scenes and the pacing was well done. It’s hard to share how wonderful this was without spoiling anything.

I truly enjoyed Clarke’s writing and am diving right into book 2, For My Wolves.

Content Warnings (possible spoilers):
unplanned pregnancy

About the author:
Nikki Clarke is the pen name of a poet, writer and educator. She’s always loved a good love story in books and on film. Her favorite on screen love declarations in no particular order are: Darius and Nina under the viaduct, Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth in the field (Knightley and MacFadden version), and Dwayne and Whitley at the wedding. Nikki doesn’t mind a little weird (or raunch) mixed in with her romance and hopes to contribute to more happily ever afters of all shades and styles. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing.

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My Favorite Quotes

She’s going to do more than save me. She’s going to keep me alive. I just really fucking hope she likes dogs. – Nothing but the Wolf in Me by Nikki Clarke #KindleUnlimited #Shifters #BlackValleyWolves #Romance

Being with him is like being devastated in the best way. It’s like coming apart and reforming into something else, something base and not altogether human. – Nothing but the Wolf in Me by Nikki Clarke #KindleUnlimited #Shifters #BlackValleyWolves #Romance

She’s one of us. I don’t know how much, or in what way, but she is. This couldn’t have happened otherwise. – Nothing but the Wolf in Me by Nikki Clarke #KindleUnlimited #Shifters #BlackValleyWolves #Romance

I’d rather have a strong woman by my side than two bitches at my back. – Nothing but the Wolf in Me by Nikki Clarke #KindleUnlimited #Shifters #BlackValleyWolves #Romance

Sometimes, dreams tell us things we can’t recognize when we’re awake. – Nothing but the Wolf in Me by Nikki Clarke #KindleUnlimited #Shifters #BlackValleyWolves #Romance

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