For My Wolves

She’d never really seen them side by side, but there was something very complete in the image they presented with their tall, broad shoulders nearly touching.

Nikki Clarke
For my Wolves


Publisher’s Synopsis:
Samiah is used to living on the inside looking out. Along with her sister, she endured years of torment at the hands of her now dead brother, and now that they’ve finally found a place to call home, thanks to her sister mating with a wolf clan chief, she hopes to finally belong.

Except, she doesn’t. Not really.

While her heritage may hold some hints of the shifters she’s come to know and love, the missing pieces leave her feeling as on the outside as before. But hopefully there’s a solution to her incomplete genome, a secret she’s been working on that can finally give her a true connection to her wolf, in its real form. Is it against clan law? Probably. Does she care? No. She’s tired of not being who she truly is.

Now all she has to do is realize her plan while under the watchful eyes of not one but two wolves, both of whom have decided she belongs to them and they’re willing to share, and the gaze of another who would take everything from her.

Point of view:
3rd person. Alternating between Miah, Cree & Fari’s perspectives.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
This is book 2 in the Black Valley Wolves series. It can stand on its own and is a complete relationship arc for Miah, Cree, & Far – however, I’d personally recommend reading Nothing but the Wolf in Me first.

I was already in love with Cree and Miah from their interactions in book 1. When Clarke decided to add Fari I was admittedly skeptical. MFM is usually my least favorite polyam – however, I ended up really loving this story and devouring it in one day. Cree’s concern about failing Miah, Fari having loved her from afar, and Miah’s wish to be fully wolf made for an emotionally charged read. I was in tears several times as they worked through everything they faced individually and as a mated group. At the same time, I didn’t feel that Clarke needlessly dragged out angst. Her balance was perfect.

There’s a little bit of a romantic suspense element, especially at the end. The introduction of Byron, who gets his own book next, was great. He didn’t take over the story but I’m definitely looking forward to him getting an HEA. Overall, a great read and I’m looking forward to checking out more of Clarke’s work.

About the author:
Nikki Clarke is the pen name of a poet, writer and educator. She’s always loved a good love story in books and on film. Her favorite on screen love declarations in no particular order are: Darius and Nina under the viaduct, Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth in the field (Knightley and MacFadden version), and Dwayne and Whitley at the wedding. Nikki doesn’t mind a little weird (or raunch) mixed in with her romance and hopes to contribute to more happily ever afters of all shades and styles. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing.

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My Favorite Quotes

she’d dropped enough hints over the course of their two years together for him to know she thought her not being a full wolf was the reason he hadn’t had the dream. – For My Wolves by Nikki Clarke #MFM #Polyam #KindleUnlimited #Shifters #BlackValleyWolves #Romance

Thought it would be better if we went together. Get things started as they’re going to be. – For My Wolves by Nikki Clarke #MFM #Polyam #KindleUnlimited #Shifters #BlackValleyWolves #Romance

She’d never really seen them side by side, but there was something very complete in the image they presented with their tall, broad shoulders nearly touching. – For My Wolves by Nikki Clarke #MFM #Polyam #KindleUnlimited #Shifters #BlackValleyWolves #Romance

So does you two sharing me mean that, if I want, I get to have you both at the same time? – For My Wolves by Nikki Clarke #MFM #Polyam #KindleUnlimited #Shifters #BlackValleyWolves #Romance

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