The Murder Between Us

Fuck, was there a policy on this? What to do if your new boss ghosted you after mind-blowing sex?

Tal Bauer
The Murder Between Us


Publisher’s Synopsis:
It was just one night.
It was just one mistake.

FBI Agent Noah Downing had questions about his sexuality that a single night in Vegas should have answered. But dawn finds him on a plane back to Iowa, back on the trail of a vicious serial killer who disappeared six years ago and has suddenly resurfaced. There’s nothing like a murder investigation to escape an existential crisis.

FBI profiler Cole Kennedy is still reeling after finding a heart-stopping connection with a seemingly perfect man, only for him to vanish. When he’s sent to Iowa to profile the killer terrorizing America’s heartland, he finds more questions than answers – both about the murderer and about Noah, the last man he ever expected to see again.

A twisted secret stretches between Cole and Noah, tangled with questions they both have about each other. But now, thrown together, they’ll have to unravel the killer’s profile and follow his trail… back to the very beginning, to where everyone’s questions are answered once and for all.

Point of view:
3rd person. Alternating between Cole & Noah. A couple of scenes from the murderer (anonymous).

Rellim’s Thoughts:
Another great romantic suspense by Tal Bauer. Noah reminded me a bit of Tom from Hush (which I also loved), but was definitely unique. Noah finally tries to discover & meets his authentic self after 40 years only to have a life/work blow up on him. The FBI calls and he has to respond. Cole, thinking he’s been ghosted, is shocked to find Noah as the AIC on a new case.

While Noah & Cole’s personal relationship is quite angsty, Bauer does a great job of breaking up the drama with working the case profiling/tracking a serial killer. The mystery/thriller aspect of this was terrific. Lots of twists and turns I didn’t see coming. There’s also some great secondary characters here: especially Katie and Jacob.

I loved the ending. Not only was it suspenseful and emotional from the case aspect, Noah and Cole finally finding their way to each other was lovely. Plus! Epilogue! Their HEA was perfect and I’m looking forward to book 2, The Grave Between Us.

About the author:
Tal Bauer is an author of gay romantic suspense/thriller novels.

The world needs more gay heroes, gay love stories, and powerful women kicking ass. I try to write those stories. With a background ranging from law enforcement to humanitarian aid, my stories are global in scope and with diverse characters in all roles. My goal is to help normalize gay characters as action heroes and to bring to life strong, dynamic, holistic women in all of my novels.

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My Favorite Quotes

This, this was what he’d wanted forever. A man beneath him. A man moaning for him. A man, hard and wanting, because of him.  – The Murder Between Us by Tal Bauer #MM #RomanticSuspense #NoahAndColeThriller #Thriller #KindleUnlimited

Fuck, was there a policy on this? What to do if your new boss ghosted you after mind-blowing sex?  – The Murder Between Us by Tal Bauer #MM #RomanticSuspense #NoahAndColeThriller #Thriller #KindleUnlimited

Damn midwestern men.  – The Murder Between Us by Tal Bauer #MM #RomanticSuspense #NoahAndColeThriller #Thriller #KindleUnlimited

He lurched, as if all of Noah had reached out and seized all of him, dragged him body and soul into Noah.  – The Murder Between Us by Tal Bauer #MM #RomanticSuspense #NoahAndColeThriller #Thriller #KindleUnlimited

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