Claiming Starlight

He’d overwhelmed her from the first moment they spent together and the time since had been one stunning, shocking moment after another, but this—This was too much.

Claiming Starlight


Publisher’s Synopsis:
When Sophie’s younger brother Alexi doesn’t return from looking for work with his friends, she fears the worst.

Unable to bear the idea that something has happened, she sets out on her own to find her him. Now, everything has gone wrong and she’s alone in the worst part of town–shifter territory.

But the Alpha who comes to her rescue isn’t a hero, and he has no intention of taking her home…

Or ever letting her go.

Point of view:
3rd person. Alternating POVs by chapter.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
Whew! Super sexy human/shifter erotic romance novella. I enjoyed the dystopian and time-bending world with vampir, seers, sorcerers, fae, and more.

Sophie is trying to find her brother, escaping her enslavement to the vampir, searching the shifter area. After a full day she’s drawn all sorts of unwanted attention and not sure whether Micah is salvation or significantly more trouble.

Micah recognizes his mate in the innocent and unworldly Sophie. Simultaneously, he finds himself embroiled in trying to plan for an undefined threat to South Bloc and keeping her safe.

I liked Isoellen’s balance of pack/world happenings with the growing relationship between Micah & Sophie. The claiming scene is 🔥🔥🔥. This is a complete story but I could also see it launching a series. I would love to read more about some of the secondary characters in the pack, especially Jumper and Dante.

Content Warning (may contain spoilers):
dub con, graphic shifter battles & other deaths

About the author:
Isoellen is just your average, aging child-care worker who drinks too much coffee. Her first romance story was written in 1977 at 8 years old after seeing the movie Star Wars. She knew even then that a rogue on the wrong side of the law was a better mate than the boy on the hero’s journey.

The worlds she creates are violent and sensual, but her characters always find beauty in the decay and romance with intimacy. True-love and happily-ever-after’s are guaranteed.

She lives in the Northwest and can be found looking for the piece of paper she wrote her last Facebook password on.

You can connect with Isoella here:

My Favorite Quotes

South Bloc after dark was filled with dangerous predator unnaturals. – Claiming Starlight by @isoellen #Dystopian #Romance #Shifters #Werewolf #KindleUnlimited #Novella

She knew other big cities in the old United States didn’t survive the aftermath of the day that broke the earth open and shattered the veil of reality. – Claiming Starlight by @isoellen #Dystopian #Romance #Shifters #Werewolf #KindleUnlimited #Novella

she was such an incredible, bitable morsel of innocence that he found himself enthralled. – Claiming Starlight by @isoellen #Dystopian #Romance #Shifters #Werewolf #KindleUnlimited #Novella

Micah said she was his. And she couldn’t help wanting him to mean those words. – Claiming Starlight by @isoellen #Dystopian #Romance #Shifters #Werewolf #KindleUnlimited #Novella

He sang his claim into the night, taking back what was his by right. The triumph song rose, challenge and declaration, building in volume, calling the pack. – Claiming Starlight by @isoellen #Dystopian #Romance #Shifters #Werewolf #KindleUnlimited #Novella

He’d overwhelmed her from the first moment they spent together and the time since had been one stunning, shocking moment after another, but this—This was too much. – Claiming Starlight by @isoellen #Dystopian #Romance #Shifters #Werewolf #KindleUnlimited #Novella

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