A Cold to Kill


Publisher’s Synopsis:
A Crew of Sadists
A Vengeful Assassin
A Deadly Snowstorm

Slade Heller, a cold blooded assassin who works for Elysium Group (A PMC) is on a vacation in Paris when he’s abducted. Locked in a moving cold storage truck with other captives, Slade has to figure out the situation if he has to survive it. He’s accidentally picked up by a crew of black market organ traffickers, and he’s angry enough to kill.

On an explosive, bullet ridden path of vengeance after a near death experience, Slade Heller has to confront if he’s just a monster or something greater while making all his captors pay. A snowstorm in rural France turns into a brutal battlefield when Slade Heller goes on a vigilante styled rampage against a highly armed crew of sadists. The grim assassin finds a new meaning to his life, in a twisted, action packed way.

Point of view:
3rd Person

Rellim’s Thoughts:
These are great action packed short stories.

I enjoyed this one, it just wasn’t as compelling for me as the others to this point. I think maybe because I binged too many of them in a row – so some of the descriptions of Slade, Elysium, etc felt redundant in a way they may not have if it had been months between stories. Combined with some action scenes that were repetitive in such a short book (e.g. shooting a grenade out of the sky twice).

I did like that this was different from the others in that Slade was on a personal mission without directive and that he helped save innocent victims.

I’ll definitely continue to check out Ananthsimha’s work.

About the author:
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