King’s Treasure

I want you to remember that getting married wasn’t just about Grams or the money. It was about being with you longer.

Marie Johnston
King’s Treasure


Note: The first three books in the series have been combined into a box set called Oil Kings Collection.

Publisher’s Synopsis:
Broke, jobless, and stranded in Las Vegas on Valentine’s Day, I am forced to call my parents for a bailout. Again. A pampered princess and wannabe environmentalist, I know I’m a cliché and would do anything to change it. So when I meet Xander, a struggling photojournalist with absolutely nothing in common with my domineering, millionaire parents, I know just where to go next: A wedding chapel.

But when I wake up the next day, my matrimonial rebellion comes with an unpleasant surprise. My husband is no penniless globetrotter—Xander King is the son of a billionaire oil tycoon, and my parents couldn’t approve of the match more. Now the only thing that could shock them would be a quickie divorce…except my new husband has a proposition for me.


I take one look at Savvy and know I could spend the rest of my life with her. The feeling is mutual…until she figures out who I am. I didn’t mean to hide my identity, and I thought a desire to get out from under the weight of familial baggage was something we had in common. But with Savvy just moments from proposing divorce, I offer her the one thing I’d been ready to walk away from: A trust fund worth millions.

All Savvy has to do is stay married to me for a year and then she’ll get half—except I have no intention of letting her go after 365 days. I’ve spent a decade running from my father’s disapproval and my brothers’ successes. Now I’m willing to spend a lifetime convincing the woman I love to stay put by my side.

Point of view:
1st person. Alternating between Savvy & Xander’s perspectives.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
This  is the third book in the Oil Kings series. The relationship arc of Xander & Savvy is completed in the book. However other themes/events carry through the series and these are best enjoyed in order, starting with King’s Crown.

I love Xander & Savvy as characters and their personal growth throughout the story. This one was much angstier than the first two because these two got drunk hitched in Vegas after knowing each other for a few hours. There was a lot to learn about each other and two people who are still figuring themselves out doesn’t make for a solid foundation.

There were several different experiences that helped them mature and find direction as well as learn about each other. While I wish there was a bit more to solidify their HFN/HEA, I was so happy they worked out everything. I’m hoping to catch more of Xander & Savvy over the next two books.

My biggest problem now is deciding whether to read the last two books or wait for them to hit audio. I really, really want Dawson & Bristol’s story and I’m not sure I have the patience to wait. 😉

I enjoyed Felicity Munroe & Scott Rose’s performances. Great fit for their characters as well as complimenting each other well. These audios have been perfect to binge.

About the author:
Marie Johnston is a RITA® Finalist, and a best-selling and award-winning writer of paranormal and contemporary romance – and an avid reader of them both. ​

Several years ago, when kids started outnumbering adults in the house, Marie Johnston left her job as a public health microbiologist to stay at home. Settling into working part-time and shuttling kids around gave Marie the opportunity to think about what she wanted to be when she grew up. A die-hard science geek, she explored her previously thought to be non-existent creative side after much time spent making snowman crafts and coloring princesses. Having entertained thoughts of writing a book one day then subsequently deciding it would be too hard, she finally put the figurative pen to paper and began to type – and fell in love with story telling.

The Sigma Menace is the first series by Marie with Fever Claim being her first book EVER.  She is humbled by the fact that people are willing to read to her books and looks forward to keeping readers entertained for many years.

Marie lives with her husband and four kids in the Upper Midwest where the summers are gorgeous, the winters are brutal, and spring and fall are luxuries.

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About the narrators:
Felicity has lived many lives. The life of narrating love stories is one of her favorites. She has narrated everything from sweet closed-door and Christian romances to the door flung wide open, wild and spicy fun! Quirky leads are a specialty of Felicity’s with sweet romance, rom com and fantasy as particular pleasures.

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My Favorite Quotes

Mystery Woman took me more seriously than my own family did. – King’s Treasure by @mjohnstonwriter #Audiobook narrated by @FelicityMunroe & #ScottRose #Romance #VegasWedding #OilKings

My ultimate rebellion had turned out to be the best thing I’d ever done in Chief’s eyes. – King’s Treasure by @mjohnstonwriter #Audiobook narrated by @FelicityMunroe & #ScottRose #Romance #VegasWedding #OilKings

I want you to remember that getting married wasn’t just about Grams or the money. It was about being with you longer. – King’s Treasure by @mjohnstonwriter #Audiobook narrated by @FelicityMunroe & #ScottRose #Romance #VegasWedding #OilKings

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