Reactivated: Oz

I’m going to do whatever I have to in order to uncover the truth. The sooner you accept that, the better we’ll get along.

Charissa Gracyk
Reactivated: Oz


Publisher’s Synopsis:
“Project Phoenix…Find Oz…”

Those were the last words her brother Jonah said when he died in her arms. Convinced that he was murdered, Navy Intel Officer Allegra Steele learns that “Oz” is her brother’s former Navy SEAL teammate, Jack “Oz” Cullen.

When Allegra asks for Jack’s help, she doesn’t expect the undeniable electricity that sparks between them. And, Jack, still trying to adjust to civilian life, knows he should stay away from the intelligent beauty.

Swept up in adventure and each other, they uncover a sinister evil called Project Phoenix, an experiment that gave each SEAL on Jack’s team a super power. When Jack’s ability suddenly resurfaces, he can hear other people’s thoughts—and, Allegra’s steamy internal dialogue makes this super sexy soldier sweat.

Point of view:
3rd person. Mostly Jack & Allegra’s perspectives, but some from other team members.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
First, Big thanks to Sally/hertslionessbooks for recommending this series. You always have me covered for great romantic suspense recs.

Ooh! Rubs hands together gleefully. I love these kinds of series. Where there’s an interconnected arc with a mystery that runs through all the books.

This book launches the Project Phoenix world, the mystery, introduces the paranormal/sci-fi, and covers the first couple. Jack “Oz” Cullen is the former LT of a SEAL team, all of whom are retired. When his teammate, Jonah “Fish” Steele, is murdered – Jonah’s sister Allegra seeks out Jack’s help. Learning about Project Phoenix and following all the leads brings these two closer than just the same mission objective. This is best when you’re in the mood for instalove and heavier on the romance than suspense.

I love that Gracyk made Jonah’s sister Allegra a strong, capable, intelligent part of the group. She participates as much as Jack and all the guys. There’s a lot of fun banter, several action/thriller elements, and some super sexy scenes. Easy to read and I’m looking forward to more.

About the author:
Ever since I snuck a romance novel off my aunt’s shelf when I was 10, I’ve loved the genre! I’m even named after a heroine from a romance book that my Grandma read while my Mom was pregnant. I think it was meant to be and I’m so excited to share my fast-paced, action/adventure love stories with you.

I’m also a screenwriter and have written over 15 scripts, some of them produced. I currently live in Los Angeles, but I’m originally from Toledo, Ohio, and visit home whenever I can. Rescuing animals is a passion and my cousin and I have fostered and helped home more than 300 dogs (and a few kitties!).

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My Favorite Quotes

I’m going to do whatever I have to in order to uncover the truth. The sooner you accept that, the better we’ll get along. – Reactivated: Oz by #CharissaGracyk #RomanticSuspense #Paranormal #SciFi

“Shark?” “We give each other nicknames and I have a feeling that you have a little more bite than Fish.” – Reactivated: Oz by #CharissaGracyk #RomanticSuspense #Paranormal #SciFi

His woman was made of tougher stuff than that. His woman? Yeah…He liked the sound of that. – Reactivated: Oz by #CharissaGracyk #RomanticSuspense #Paranormal #SciFi

He was glad he couldn’t currently hear her thoughts because he knew she wasn’t thinking anything nice. – Reactivated: Oz by #CharissaGracyk #RomanticSuspense #Paranormal #SciFi

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