I’ll Stand By You

I really don’t think I’ll ever love anyone the way I love my best friends.

Karen Grey
I’ll Stand By You


Publisher’s Synopsis:
Can five friends grow up without growing apart?

Summer, 1991: Working at a beachfront hotel in their sleepy southern coastal town gives life-long friends Violet, Danielle, Whitney, Ford and Sully the chance to spend as much time as possible together after college graduation and before real life begins.

One exceptionally busy and very long night—which includes a wedding, a lost dog, hatching sea turtles and a job offer—has each of them facing hopes and fears for the future. Wrestling with choices means loyalties are tested while alliances shift.

Point of view:
1st Person. Alternating perspectives between Vi, Whitney, Dani, Sully, & Ford.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
Karen Grey has written a fun and emotional novella that serves as a “bonus epilogue” for her Boston Classics series as well as a prequel launching her new Carolina Classics series.

While I think it will be especially fun for folks who know her Boston characters Henry, Bella, Jessica, Cal, Will, Ben, & Lucy – it’s written in such a way that you could discover Grey’s writing here.

I loved getting to meet early 20-somethings Violet, Dani, Ford, Sully, and Whitney. It’s an interesting look at how life is changing for this group who have been friends since Kindergarten. I liked how she was able to give them separate and defined personalities in such a short story.

Hijinks from both the Boston and Carolina crews as well deep love and friendship. Grey’s writing is always a great mix of emotions in fantastic storytelling and I love getting to experience all these stories

Many thanks to Karen Grey/Home Cooked Books for gifting me an ARC.

About the author:
Karen Grey is the pen name for award-winning audiobook narrator Karen White. A stage, screen and radio drama actor in Boston, New York and Los Angeles in the late 20thcentury, she balanced child-rearing and career for most of the 2000’s. Now, she’s not only emptied her nest of children, she’s taken it and her many pets on the road, so she can spend more time with her nomadic TV sound mixer husband while she makes up happy-ending stories.

You can connect with Karen Grey here:

My Favorite Quotes

Follow you passion. And Opportunity. Wherever that takes you, that’s where you’re supposed to be. – I’ll Stand By You by @KarenWhitereads #BostonClassics #CarolinaClassics #Novella #80s #90s #HistoricalRomance #NewAdult #Epilogue

Vi? She’s not just my best friend, she’s a damn general disguised as a mother hen. – I’ll Stand By You by @KarenWhitereads #BostonClassics #CarolinaClassics #Novella #80s #90s #HistoricalRomance #NewAdult #Epilogue

These people have to be in their thirties. And they’re running around on the beach like six-year-olds. – I’ll Stand By You by @KarenWhitereads #BostonClassics #CarolinaClassics #Novella #80s #90s #HistoricalRomance #NewAdult #Epilogue

Hands held tight, eyes on the horizon, we’re greeted by a watercolor of light, shadow, cloud, and surf. – I’ll Stand By You by @KarenWhitereads #BostonClassics #CarolinaClassics #Novella #80s #90s #HistoricalRomance #NewAdult #Epilogue

I really don’t think I’ll ever love anyone the way I love my best friends. – I’ll Stand By You by @KarenWhitereads #BostonClassics #CarolinaClassics #Novella #80s #90s #HistoricalRomance #NewAdult #Epilogue

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