Reactivated: Dom

“God, I love it when you geek-out,” Dom whispered and pulled her close.

Charissa Gracyk
Reactivated: Dom


Publisher’s Synopsis:
When Dominic “Capo” Rossi tracks down a geneticist working on the resurrected Project Phoenix, the last thing he expects is the stunning Dr. Emilie Forrester. But, he must ignore the instant attraction because she works for the very enemy that he and his former Navy SEAL team have vowed to take down.

After Dom gets captured, Emilie discovers she is on the wrong side. She decides to help Dom escape, but the big, scarred man locked up in the glass cage doesn’t trust her and refuses to cooperate. Especially after he is reactivated and his extraordinary healing powers begin to mend old wounds—physical and psychological.

In order to bring down Project Phoenix, Dom and Emilie know they must work together. But, trusting each other is a huge risk. Especially when their hearts become involved.

Point of view:
3rd person. Mostly Dom & Emilie’s perspectives, but some from other team members.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
This is book 2 in the Project Phoenix series. While each book covers a single couple, there’s ongoing story arcs that build off events from previous books and the series should be read in order. This review will contain spoilers from book 1, Reactivated: Oz.

The prologue of this book is the last chapter from the first book. It’s a great memory bump if it’s been a while but since I’m binging these I just skipped it. More of the Blue Squadron is being deactivated and the team is diverging to follow leads. Dom ends up reunited with the original Project Phoenix medical team, specifically Emilie.

Like the first book this is instalove with Dom & Emilie professing feelings and talk of forever after just a few days. While that’s not my favorite trope – my love of mystery/action/thriller was gratified by numerous escapes, chases, fights, and general sleuthing. Several new threats emerge. I also continue to enjoy the humor that Gracyk brings to the banter between all of the team members.

Looking forward to Jericho’s book next.

About the author:
Ever since I snuck a romance novel off my aunt’s shelf when I was 10, I’ve loved the genre! I’m even named after a heroine from a romance book that my Grandma read while my Mom was pregnant. I think it was meant to be and I’m so excited to share my fast-paced, action/adventure love stories with you.

I’m also a screenwriter and have written over 15 scripts, some of them produced. I currently live in Los Angeles, but I’m originally from Toledo, Ohio, and visit home whenever I can. Rescuing animals is a passion and my cousin and I have fostered and helped home more than 300 dogs (and a few kitties!).

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My Favorite Quotes

She was watching out for him, Dom realized. Cute. It kind of gave him a warm and fuzzy feeling. – Reactivated: Dom by #CharissaGracyk #RomanticSuspense #Paranormal #SciFi

Emilie had never felt such an all-consuming attraction to a man before. She liked so many things about him and the way he looked at her, so intently, left her feeling a little off-balance. – Reactivated: Dom by #CharissaGracyk #RomanticSuspense #Paranormal #SciFi

“God, I love it when you geek-out,” Dom whispered and pulled her close. – Reactivated: Dom by #CharissaGracyk #RomanticSuspense #Paranormal #SciFi

“If you can’t remember, just say dumbass,” Max said. “Someone will respond.” – Reactivated: Dom by #CharissaGracyk #RomanticSuspense #Paranormal #SciFi

I want to see every inch of your luscious, little body and if I turn the lights out, I may miss something. And that would be fucking tragic. – Reactivated: Dom by #CharissaGracyk #RomanticSuspense #Paranormal #SciFi

Emilie had never worn a bullet proof vest or carried a gun before and she felt like a complete badass. – Reactivated: Dom by #CharissaGracyk #RomanticSuspense #Paranormal #SciFi

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