Blurred Red Lines

“You made it back because you’re indestructible, Val Carrera.”

“I made it back because I had someone to come back for, Eden Lachey.”

Cora Kenborn
Blurred Red Lines

Audiobook & ebook

Note: The audios have been combined into a box set.

Publisher’s Synopsis:
Obsession is the deadliest vice


A word whispered in fear.

A name to avoid at all costs.

Until I come face-to-face with it.


Held against my will.

Prisoner of a war I know nothing about.

Captive to a ruthless cartel prince who wants more than my freedom…

He wants me.

I should hate him…

But the deeper Valentin drags me into his bloodstained world the harder it becomes to resist.

Until that stain? That blood?

It becomes mine…

And I’m no longer a prisoner of war.

I am the war.

Point of view:
1st person. Mostly from Eden & Valentin’s perspectives. A few chapters from Brody.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
I’m participating in a challenge where I listen to a romance subgenre that I normally don’t listen to. While I have enjoyed some – I tend to shy away from mafia/cartel/organized crime/dark romances. I chose this series purely because Brian Pallino is one of the narrators for book 1.

I was not disappointed at all. I was immediately immersed in the great world building and plot and I finished in two days. I loved Eden Lachey. She understandably goes a little unhinged a few times, but overall she’s a strong and competent character. This made her a great match and counterpoint for cartel leader, Valentin Carrera. This was a dark and twisted romance with strong suspense elements as well. At times the banter and interactions offered a bit of levity that I enjoyed.

I also really enjoyed the secondary characters that Kenborn crafted. I’m looking forward to their books as well. Mateo’s book, Faded Gray Lines, is up next.

Brian Pallino & Sarah Puckett were absolute perfection as Val & Eden. I loved their accents and how well their performances complimented each other.

Alan Carlson only had a few chapters as ADA Brody Harcourt. I’m excited he’ll be reprising that role as a main character in book 3.

About the author:
Cora Kenborn is a USA Today Bestselling author who writes in multiple genres from dark and gritty romantic suspense to laugh-out-loud romantic comedy. Known for her sharp banter and shocking blindsides, Cora pushes her characters and readers out of their comfort zones and onto an emotional roller coaster before delivering a twisted happily ever after.

Cora believes there’s nothing better than a feisty heroine who keeps her alpha on his toes, and she draws inspiration from the sassy country women who raised her. However, since the domestic Southern Belle gene seems to have skipped a generation, she spends any free time convincing her family that microwaving Hot Pockets counts as cooking dinner.

Oh, and autocorrect thinks she’s obsessed with ducks.

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About the narrators:
Brian Pallino is the pseudonym for Angelo Di Loreto. Di Loreto died on October 17, 2020. His amazing talent simultaneously lives on and will be sorrowfully missed.

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My Favorite Quotes

It’s funny how sometimes the people you’d give your life for are the ones who take it. – Blurred Red Lines by @corakenborn #Audiobook narrated by #BrianPallino @SPuckettvo & @thealancarlson #DarkRomance #Cartel #RomanticSuspense

Are you going to drink that or wait until Jesus turns it back into water? – Blurred Red Lines by @corakenborn #Audiobook narrated by #BrianPallino @SPuckettvo & @thealancarlson #DarkRomance #Cartel #RomanticSuspense

She could argue with me and be pissed all she wanted. Until I won, I’d enjoy hatefucks while we battled. What was the worst that could happen? Great sex? – Blurred Red Lines by @corakenborn #Audiobook narrated by #BrianPallino @SPuckettvo & @thealancarlson #DarkRomance #Cartel #RomanticSuspense

“You made it back because you’re indestructible, Val Carrera.” “I made it back because I had someone to come back for, Eden Lachey.” – Blurred Red Lines by @corakenborn #Audiobook narrated by #BrianPallino @SPuckettvo & @thealancarlson #DarkRomance #Cartel #RomanticSuspense

Don’t fear the enemy that hates you, Eden, but the fake friend that hugs you. – Blurred Red Lines by @corakenborn #Audiobook narrated by #BrianPallino @SPuckettvo & @thealancarlson #DarkRomance #Cartel #RomanticSuspense

Val Carrera taught me that life didn’t necessarily run in clear shades of black and white. – Blurred Red Lines by @corakenborn #Audiobook narrated by #BrianPallino @SPuckettvo & @thealancarlson #DarkRomance #Cartel #RomanticSuspense

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