Wicked Passions

If he succeeded in this quest, he might have the world. If he failed…he could well lose everything.

Nicola Davidson
Wicked Passions


Publisher’s Synopsis:
Scotland, 1504

Bold and wild, Lady Isla Sutherland disguised herself as a lad to hone her gift of sword fighting. But when she is discovered and dragged to court for punishment, it is decreed she must wed at once. To gain time and a chance at finding love, Isla proposes a royal tourney—to the victor her richly-dowered hand in marriage—and the king agrees.

After constant raids, laird Callum MacIntyre’s small but prosperous clan is now on the brink of ruin. His only choice is duty; to set aside his private desires and secure an alliance with a powerful Highland family. Winning the week-long tourney would solve all his problems…if only he was a warrior not a scholar.

Squire Alastair Graham yearns for a wife and children, yet he cannot forget one torrid, forbidden night in his laird’s bed, unspoken of since. Alastair dreads losing his closest friend, but meeting the beautiful Isla is a revelation. She offers to train Callum in secret, and when sword lessons lead to scorching passion for the trio, both men know Isla is the unconventional woman of their dreams.

But the battle for her hand is fierce…and their enemies will do anything to win…

Point of view:
3rd person. Alternating between Callum, Alastair, & Isla’s perspectives.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
Note: This is the first book in Nicola Davidson’s Glennoe Highlanders series. While a spin-off from Scandalous Passions, I haven’t read that (but will now!) and it didn’t negatively impact my enjoyment of this book.

I just loved this mix of action, adventure, love, and sex. Davidson does a fantastic job of creating dynamic characters and world building. Isla is an independent woman who’s more interested in swordplay than expected feminine pursuits. Callum knows he must forgo love with his best friend and beloved squire, Alastair, to protect his clan. Alastair is resigned to watching his love from afar. However a King’s tourney will change all their fates.

While I wish it was longer only because I would just love to spend more time with these three, this was a complete story. I loved the various tourney events like archery, stone put, dancing/music, and of course swordplay. Additionally the budding romantic and sexual relationship included all three partners equally. Isla is fierce not only with a sword, but with her encouragement and love of Callum and Alastair. They all have their own relationship with each other yet a something more as a unit. There was no doubt by the end that they were getting their HEA.

I’m hoping for more of the trio in Maude’s book, Her Wicked Highlander. And, of course, I’m going to check out Scandalous Passions for more of Lachlan, Marjorie, & Janet.

About the author:
USA Today bestselling author Nicola Davidson worked for many years in media and government communications, but hasn’t looked back since she decided writing erotic historical romance was infinitely more fun. When not chained to a computer, she can be found ambling along one of New Zealand’s beautiful beaches, cheering on the All Blacks rugby team, history geeking on the internet, or daydreaming. If this includes dessert—even better! 

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No one relished the downfall of a wayward woman like a group of wealthy old men. – Wicked Passions by @NicolaMDavidson #HistoricalRomance #KindleUnlimited #MMF

If his heart had long ago settled on Alastair, why did he now feel like it could expand and make room for her as well? – Wicked Passions by @NicolaMDavidson #HistoricalRomance #KindleUnlimited #MMF

What if my desire to conquer halts at the bedchamber door, where instead I wish to surrender and be conquered most thoroughly…by not one man, but two? – Wicked Passions by @NicolaMDavidson #HistoricalRomance #KindleUnlimited #MMF

If he succeeded in this quest, he might have the world. If he failed…he could well lose everything. – Wicked Passions by @NicolaMDavidson #HistoricalRomance #KindleUnlimited #MMF

Isla gazed upon the only two men who had ever fully understood and accepted her, who had shown her such pleasure, the only two men she would ever love. – Wicked Passions by @NicolaMDavidson #HistoricalRomance #KindleUnlimited #MMF

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