You Get What You Give

Every day with her is an adventure that I don’t want to end.

Karen Grey
You Get What You Give

6/16/2022 – ebook

8/19/2022 – updated for audio

Publisher’s Synopsis:
In a sleepy southern coastal town crowned the Hollywood of the East, worlds collide and sparks fly when fate sets up two TV casting directors as accidental rivals.

It’s not just that the town isn’t quite big enough for the two of them. Violet Davenport brings deep roots, local allies, and old-fashioned Southern charm to the table. Nate Fowler’s got deep pockets, tech knowhow, and a family that’s worked in movies since the silent film days.

For their business—and their hearts—to survive, they’ll have to overcome both a bitter hostility and a sweet insta-attraction.

Point of view:
1st Person. Alternating perspectives between Vi, Whitney, Dani, Sully, & Ford.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
While the Carolina Classics series is a loose “spin-off” from Grey’s Boston Classics series (both sets of MCs meet in the prequel, I’ll Stand By You) – you could start here and be fine. New location, new folks, new connections.

Grey mixes it up a bit and this series isn’t interconnected standalones. Each book focuses on a different couple, but you’ll meet all the MCs and there’s definitely some story lines (drama!) that will weave throughout the whole series. I love these kinds of series where you can settle in and really get to know all the characters. 🥰

That doesn’t mean that Violet & Nate are cheated out of their chance to shine. Such a fun couple to get to know as individuals and together in a relationship. After an amazing one-night-stand, a family feud immediately pits these two against each other. Working for competing casting companies suddenly turns lovers to enemies. I really enjoyed the way Grey brought them back together, helped Nate find his real passion, and Vi become a standout in her own right.

Most of the drama comes from Nate’s family, Vi’s friends, and a hurricane. Coastal folks know the chaos created when a tropical storm upgrades at the last moment. Violet’s lifelong friends: Dani, Whitney, Ford, & Sully are also weathering their own storms. While Nate & Vi get a wonderful HFN, a big announcement ends the story on a cliffhanger and I can’t wait to see who gets the next book.

Grey always has great picks for narrators. I love Maxine Mitchell, but this was my first time listening to Jack Calihan. They both did a terrific job. I really liked both their subtle southern accents for the appropriate characters and then switching to a more neutral one for Nate & his family. Plus all the unique voices for a fairly large cast of regularly speaking characters. Calihan has a deep & somewhat gravely voice, yet I still enjoyed his voice for the female characters. A great listen all around.

I did received an advanced copy of the audiobook from Home Cooked Books and am leaving an honest review.

About the author:
Karen Grey is the pen name for award-winning audiobook narrator Karen White. A stage, screen and radio drama actor in Boston, New York and Los Angeles in the late 20thcentury, she balanced child-rearing and career for most of the 2000’s. Now, she’s not only emptied her nest of children, she’s taken it and her many pets on the road, so she can spend more time with her nomadic TV sound mixer husband while she makes up happy-ending stories.

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My Favorite Quotes

You control everything else in your life to the nth degree. But men? They’re like cute little puppies and you’re the fire hydrant. – You Get What You Give by @KarenWhitereads #Audiobook narrated by @CalihanJack & @NarratorMaxine #CarolinaClassics #90s

She picks up the end of my tie and begins to reel me in. – You Get What You Give by @KarenWhitereads #Audiobook narrated by @CalihanJack & @NarratorMaxine #CarolinaClassics #90s

“I’m so sorry,” Whitney says, patting my arm. “Anything I can to to help? Slash his tires? Firebomb his house?” – You Get What You Give by @KarenWhitereads #Audiobook narrated by @CalihanJack & @NarratorMaxine #CarolinaClassics #90s

When I let go of everything and just feel with this man…that brings me pure bliss. – You Get What You Give by @KarenWhitereads #Audiobook narrated by @CalihanJack & @NarratorMaxine #CarolinaClassics #90s

Every day with her is an adventure that I don’t want to end. – You Get What You Give by @KarenWhitereads #Audiobook narrated by @CalihanJack & @NarratorMaxine #CarolinaClassics #90s

Bottles or whatever break, and out there, they get tumbled in the sand and waves until all their sharp edges are worn. – You Get What You Give by @KarenWhitereads #Audiobook narrated by @CalihanJack & @NarratorMaxine #CarolinaClassics #90s

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