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The watcher knows now. She is the one. She is the catalyst for his reinvention.

Gregg Hurwitz
Buy a Bullet


Publisher’s Synopsis:
The Nowhere Man is a figure shrouded in secrecy—a near legendary figure who helps those lucky few who are given the means to reach out to him.

Before he was the Nowhere Man, Evan Smoak was a highly trained government operative known to a few as Orphan X. This is the story of Smoak’s first outing as the Nowhere Man, where after a gear run to Northern California, he happens to spot a young woman at a coffee shop. Brutalized and under the control of a very powerful, unscrupulous man, she knows her life is in danger if she doesn’t escape. And the only person who can help her do that is a man with the background and skills of the Nowhere Man.

Point of view:
3rd person. Entirely from Evan’s perspective.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
This is book 1.5 of the Evan Smoak series. While it doesn’t contain spoilers to book 1, Orphan X – it’s brevity would best be enjoyed after that background. This review may contain spoilers to previous books.

Short story of a self-identified case that restarts Evan’s “career” as The Nowhere Man. Surveillance and then rescue. Enjoyable hour.*

Scott Brick was great.

*Note: If you’re buying the ebook, only 24% of it is the story. The rest is a preview for book 2.

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The watcher knows now. She is the one. She is the catalyst for his reinvention. – Buy a Bullet by @GreggHurwitz #Audiobook narrated by @ScottBrick #Thriller #Suspense #ShortStory

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