Beach Thing

I don’t think I’ve ever celebrated great sex with ice cream before.

DL White
Beach Thing


Publisher’s Synopsis:
Wade Marshall, super producer to one of hip hop’s brightest stars, was supposed to spend the summer on Black Diamond getting away from the rush of Brooklyn, ridding himself of the distractions that had been impacting his work so he can do what he does best – make beats. But the day he meets Ameenah, he becomes consumed by an entirely different and more attractive distraction–his bold, beautiful, sexy neighbor with the “glorious hips” and a penchant for ice cream.

Ameenah Porter, daughter of successful New York restaurateurs, moves to the beach town of Black Diamond to fulfill her dream of opening a smoothie shop. She doesn’t need the distraction of a new man but the tall, dark and handsome Wade, who’s staying in the giant sized home at the end of her block, is irresistible.

Ameenah’s days at Tikis & Cream are spent cooling off her customers with her gourmet smoothie blends. Her nights on the shores of Black Diamond Bay are enchanting and romantic, and soon Wade and Ameenah find themselves in the middle of a Beach Thing… a fun, meaningless tryst that will end when the summer is over.

Or will it?

Wade is returning to Brooklyn at the end of the summer. Ameenah lives on Black Diamond. Neither want this Beach Thing to end… so is this fling really a fling or is it the beginning of something real… and will they realize it in time?

Indulge in a fun, steamy #beachyblackromance and join me on Black Diamond.

Point of view:
1st person. Alternating between Ameenah & Wade’s perspectives.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
I loved this! The great part about Wade and Ameenah agreeing that their summer fling was finite is that there was practically no angst for the majority of the book. They got to know each other, had a great time, adventurous dates, humor, and enjoyed amazing sex. Both are strong and driven, committed to their businesses, and complemented each other really well.

Things get tricky when they each realize it’s more than just a “Beach Fling” and aren’t sure how the other feels. A little parental drama on both sides. Then they come back together beautifully.

Cute little epilogue. This was the perfect Summer listen.

Sharell Palmer was fantastic here. I like the way she distinguishes the chapters that are from Wade’s perspective in a slightly lower register. She does a good job with all the character voices & personalities. Wade & Meenah have a lot of banter that Palmer brought through as well. Easy listen.

About the author:
DL White began pursuing a writing career in 2011 after enjoying a lifetime of reading and hobby writing. In 2015, she published Brunch at Ruby’s, an upmarket fiction novel about three lifelong best friends and the soul food cafe at the center of their friends. Since then, she has published ten Black romance and women’s fiction titles in ebook, print and audio formats with more to come.

DL has a legendary love for coffee, fried chicken, and brunch, especially on a patio. Her true obsession is water: lakes, rivers, oceans, waterfalls! 
When not writing books, she devours them. She publishes reviews and thoughts on writing and books on the blog and publishes short fiction on her podcast.

DL lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

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About the narrator:
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My Favorite Quotes

The status quo has a way of lowering expectations. I can’t do great things in the same old surroundings. – Beach Thing by @Author_DLWhite #Audiobook narrated by @rogueminkhouse #Romance #BeachRead

I don’t know what’s happening right now. And I don’t know if I should fight it or let it happen. – Beach Thing by @Author_DLWhite #Audiobook narrated by @rogueminkhouse #Romance #BeachRead

I don’t think I’ve ever celebrated great sex with ice cream before. – Beach Thing by @Author_DLWhite #Audiobook narrated by @rogueminkhouse #Romance #BeachRead

It felt like that moment when the sun goes behind a cloud — immediate coolness, loss of brightness and warmth. I already missed her, and she was standing right in front of me. – Beach Thing by @Author_DLWhite #Audiobook narrated by @rogueminkhouse #Romance #BeachRead

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