Killin Santa

Santa’s bleeding and his elves shot at me.

Kronos Ananthsimha
Killin Santa


Publisher’s Synopsis:
A Three Decades Old Feud
A Darkly Demented Assassin
A Shootout on Christmas Eve

Slade Heller, a gifted assassin, has no target to kill on Christmas Eve. He’s on a date with his handler, but is still itching for a kill. With the unbearable Christmas cheer around him, he might have just walked into a group of deadly terrorists planning an attack, but all is not what it seems.

Fueled by his handler’s paranoia, Slade might have found a long dead KGB spy dressed as the mall Santa aiding a dangerous group of henchmen masked as elfs. Though he’s not getting paid to kill anyone, the assassin can’t ignore the situation. Will he be a savior or just a killer on Christmas Eve? Slade knows that no good deed goes unpunished, but he might just profit from some action.

Point of view:
3rd Person, entirely from Slade’s perspective.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
I love these short thrillers by Kronos Ananthsimha. Killin Santa is very short, stands well on its own, and would be a great way to check out Ananthsimha’s writing.

Poor Slade – can’t even grab coffee with a friend without it turning to pure chaos. This time the bad guy has disguised himself as a Mall Santa and his elves have something more sinister than toys in their sack of gifts.

Quick & action packed read.

About the author:
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My Favorite Quotes

They were two dark souls with literally nothing better to do. – Killin Santa by @KronosAnanth #Thriller #Suspense #ShortStory #SladeHeller #KindleUnlimited

Vulnerability was a death sentence for an assassin, and he enjoyed being in complete control of every aspect of his life. Slade Heller waited for nobody. – Killin Santa by @KronosAnanth #Thriller #Suspense #ShortStory #SladeHeller #KindleUnlimited

Saving my ass again and again from the comfort of your cubicle must be exhausting. – Killin Santa by @KronosAnanth #Thriller #Suspense #ShortStory #SladeHeller #KindleUnlimited

Santa’s bleeding and his elves shot at me. – Killin Santa by @KronosAnanth #Thriller #Suspense #ShortStory #SladeHeller #KindleUnlimited

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