The Problem with Dating Sebastian Riggs

He gets me to melt for him with just a kiss. Makes me forget my reason and the job I was hired to do.

Amy Oliveira
The Problem with Dating Sebastian Riggs


Publisher’s Synopsis:
The most eligible bachelor, twelve beautiful women, and a mansion full of cameras.

​Callie Sosa likes her job. No, scratch that. Callie loves and lives for her job. 
Love Makeover has been a reality TV household name for the past twelve years. Callie is going for a promotion and she needs to prove herself this season. But things get complicated when the new Eligible, Sebastian Riggs, starts going off script.

Charming, sarcastic, and with a smile powerful enough to weaken the knees, Sebastian is perfect for Love Makeover.

The only problem is he doesn’t seem very interested in the twelve hopeful women competing for his heart.
All his attention is on the little field producer with an attitude problem. Callie.
It doesn’t matter how hard to resist it is. Callie can’t give up on her dreams and fall for someone off limits.
He has a contract with the network.
He’s just part of the job.
Nothing about this season will be like any other. Sebastian is going for what he wants. And all he wants is Callie Sosa.

Stakes are high, the mansion is full and you better don’t miss this season of Love Makeover.

Point of view:
1st person. Alternating between Callie & Sebastian’s perspectives

Rellim’s Thoughts:
I have a strong dislike for reality TV shows yet for some reason I adore books that use these as a vehicle for MCs meeting each other. Oliveira’s story and characters are another fantastic example of this.

Wealthy British bachelor Sebastian Riggs has decided to find love on the set of “Love Makeover”. He does, but instead of sparks flying with one of the contestants – he’s immediately drawn to producer Callie Sosa. This is told from alternating perspectives and I love how consistent and clear Oliveira’s writing is in differentiating the views for each chapter.

This was a great mix of humor, zing, tension, romance, sex, and trying to figure out a future together. Sebastian and Callie have great chemistry in and out of the bedroom (or pantry!). I love their witty banter and how they keep each other in check. There’s also some terrific secondary characters here.

Lovely read and I’m looking forward to more of Oliveira’s work.

Note: I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that there are enough editing errors in the book to repeatedly disrupt the flow. Mostly using the wrong word (stir instead of steer, snickers for sneakers, etc.) but also tense and missing words altogether. An editor or minimally a beta reader would be a good idea. This is such a gem and a little more polishing would make it shine.

About the author:
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My Favorite Quotes

He’s gonna need a sarcasm sign or something. – The Problem with Dating Sebastian Riggs by @AmyOli_author #LatinaRomance #OppositesAttract #RealityTV #KindleUnlimited

He’s the closest you can get to British Royalty. – The Problem with Dating Sebastian Riggs by @AmyOli_author #LatinaRomance #OppositesAttract #RealityTV #KindleUnlimited

I think love can be found anywhere, Riggs. There isn’t a map to it, a foolproof way to get it. – The Problem with Dating Sebastian Riggs by @AmyOli_author #LatinaRomance #OppositesAttract #RealityTV #KindleUnlimited

We are all about the banter, but sometimes Sebastian can rotate my world on its axes so quickly, I’m left catching my breath. – The Problem with Dating Sebastian Riggs by @AmyOli_author #LatinaRomance #OppositesAttract #RealityTV #KindleUnlimited

He gets me to melt for him with just a kiss. Makes me forget my reason and the job I was hired to do. – The Problem with Dating Sebastian Riggs by @AmyOli_author #LatinaRomance #OppositesAttract #RealityTV #KindleUnlimited

I can’t explain how perfect this woman is. – The Problem with Dating Sebastian Riggs by @AmyOli_author #LatinaRomance #OppositesAttract #RealityTV #KindleUnlimited

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