The Moth and Moon

He wasn’t sure he could handle any more secrets.

Glenn Quigley
The Moth and Moon


Publisher’s Synopsis:
In the summer of 1780, on the tiny island of Merryapple, burly fisherman Robin Shipp lives a simple, quiet life in a bustling harbour town where most of the residents dislike him due to the actions of his father. With a hurricane approaching, he nonetheless convinces the villagers to take shelter in the one place big enough to hold them all—the ancient, labyrinthine tavern named the Moth & Moon.

While trapped with his neighbours during the raging storm, Robin inadvertently confronts more than the weather, and the results could change everything.

Point of view:
3rd person.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
My first experience with Glenn Quigley’s writing and I’m definitely looking forward to more.

I’m not sure what this classifies as – a historical featuring a small fishing village in the late 1700s. There’s so much more to enjoy! Local lore, gossip, a hurricane, several daring rescues, drama, and a budding romance. This is also set in a town/area accepting of and embracing gay couples. The main romance is MM.

While the main character and focus is gentle giant Robin, Quigley also writes from the perspective of many other townsfolk. I like that the majority of the characters are older – with Robin being 50. Except for the adorable May Bell who was a delightful addition to the story and helped highlight the characters who interacted with her. While this is long – it’s in that good way where numerous tales and events come together for a wonderful (well, for most of the characters) ending.

I enjoyed the pacing and world building. And I always enjoy books with all the emotions. Robin has gone through so much in his life and continues to face adversity. I loved that so many questions were answered for him and that he’s finally found happiness, and not just romantically. This does not end on a cliffhanger and you could stop here – but Robin has more adventures in The Lion Lies Waiting. I’ll be reading that soon.

About the author:
Glenn Quigley is an author and artist originally from Tallaght in Dublin, Ireland, and now living in Lisburn, Northern Ireland with his partner of many years.

His first novel, The Moth and Moon, was published in 2018. When not writing, he paints portraits in watercolours and tweets too many photos of lighthouses. 

You can connect with Glenn Quigley here:

My Favorite Quotes

This was the heart and soul of the little village. This was the Moth & Moon. – The Moth and Moon by @glennquigley #Historical #SmallTown #Mystery #Suspense #Drama #Romance

The air was filling with more and more debris, becoming more and more treacherous. – The Moth and Moon by @glennquigley #Historical #SmallTown #Mystery #Suspense #Drama #Romance

It’s funny how you can know someone your whole life and then one day, you just see them in a whole new light. – The Moth and Moon by @glennquigley #Historical #SmallTown #Mystery #Suspense #Drama #Romance

I just wish that if it had to end, that it could have ended differently. Ended better. – The Moth and Moon by @glennquigley #Historical #SmallTown #Mystery #Suspense #Drama #Romance

He wasn’t sure he could handle any more secrets. – The Moth and Moon by @glennquigley #Historical #SmallTown #Mystery #Suspense #Drama #Romance

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