Bring Me Back

I was happy not talking, but I also ached to hear her voice.

Amy Oliveira
Bring Me Back


Publisher’s Synopsis:
Hallie Delos Santos was seventeen years old when she fled the small town of Bluehaven without looking back

Five years later, she returns.

With a past she refuses to talk about, Hallie needs to walk the halls of her old school with her head held high.

She can’t fall, especially when the woodwork teacher takes an interest in her and promises this time no one is chasing her out of town.

Daniel Miller is older, stronger, and obsessed with making Hallie talk. They should be complete opposites, but against all odds, the conversations last hours and the chemistry is undeniable.

Hallie has a secret, but so does Daniel.
He’s the woodwork teacher, and she’s the costume designer.
He’s smiles, and she’s the silence.
He’s determined, and she’s his.

Point of view:
1st person. Alternating between Dan & Hallie’s perspectives

Rellim’s Thoughts:
After reading The Problem with Dating Sebastian Riggs earlier this month, I’ve been eager to dive into Amy Oliveira’s back list. I love age gap tropes, so this one immediately piqued my interest. I started this late last night intending to finish it over the next few days. Nope – I was immediately intrigued by Hallie’s quiet and secretive nature combined with Dan’s determination to learn more about her and stayed up into early morning to finish their story.

While Dan (36) is a teacher and was one when Hallie (22) was in high school – they never interacted before her return to Bluehaven as an adult. I like how they meet working on sets & costuming for a school play. It gives them lots of time to talk (or shrug) and get to know one another. Not only was this a slow burn romance, but also packed with small town drama. While there’s fun interactions and delicious anticipation between Dan & Hallie, there’s also a lot of pain and healing for both of them. My heart ached for all they went through.

I just love this couple. I adored the grand gesture, HEA, and sweet epilogue.

Content Warning (spoilers):
Hallie experienced extreme bullying in high school including an assault.

About the author:
You can connect with Amy Oliveira here:

My Favorite Quotes

Fear was my most loyal companion. – Bring Me Back by @AmyOli_author #AgeGapRomance #Drama #KindleUnlimited

He was gorgeous, with floppy light brown hair, a shadow of a beard and muscular build. – Bring Me Back by @AmyOli_author #AgeGapRomance #Drama #KindleUnlimited

I was happy not talking, but I also ached to hear her voice. – Bring Me Back by @AmyOli_author #AgeGapRomance #Drama #KindleUnlimited

For someone who hid from teenagers, she was quite ok in holding her own against a thirty-six-year-old man. – Bring Me Back by @AmyOli_author #AgeGapRomance #Drama #KindleUnlimited

She matched me in every way, pressure and intensity. She matched me. – Bring Me Back by @AmyOli_author #AgeGapRomance #Drama #KindleUnlimited

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